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Blogs and Content Marketing
Blogging is very important part of digital marketing for increasing the page rank on search engines. And Content marketing is the key factor for increased page ranks.
• Blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchasing decisions than newspapers.
• Blogs give websites more indexed pages and more indexed links. Read more

Rs. 500 Crores allocated to Online Marketing for Rahul Gandhi : 2014 General Elections

The Congress, which suffered a huge defeat in the recently held Assembly elections, has reportedly bagged in Japanese advertising and communication firm – Dentsu and Burson-Marsteller to strategize the 2014 Lok Sabha polls campaign for Rahul Gandhi. Read more

Five Brave Predictions for Social Marketing in 2014

1. Brands will get gutsy on social, but will they be ready when it’s too much?

Content shall dominate in 2014 and to break through the noise and reach “uber engagement” brands will become more daring. But, what is the right level of “edge” before brands hit a “Tarantino Django Unchained” moment? Read more

Facebook buys Indian startup

In a boost to India’s technology start-up environment, Facebook Inc. has acquired a 18-month-old Bangalore start-up, Little Eye Labs, which builds performance analysis and monitoring tools for mobile Android apps, as the social networking giant seeks technology that will help it grow its mobile business. Read more

A Landing Page that Helps Fetch Better Conversions is a Big Task for any PPC campaign

Inspite of having a good set up, it is more than often possible that you are unable to convert, reason being the users are not stepping forward to make a purchase.

For this, you need to change the way users navigate in your website. Read more

The Content Cycle : How To Improve Your Campaign Strategy


‘The Content Cycle’ – a process that helps marketers ensure they have a really good content strategy in place.

The Content Cycle as a concept is based on the way we work with clients and construct Digital Marketing campaigns. However, the process can easily be applied specifically to the subject of online content.

This can be used as a process for your whole content strategy, or you can apply it to individual campaigns. Read more

Yahoo Confirms Its Ads Spread Malware to Users

Yahoo Confirms Its Ads Spread Malware to Users

Millions of Yahoo users in European countries including the UK, France and Romania may have been infected with malware injected into advertising hosted on Yahoo websites.

Dutch company Fox-IT made the discovery at the end of last week, mentioning users who visited Yahoo would be confronted with advertisements that would direct them to external sites hosting malware that exploits Java security flaws. Read more