Create Visuals for Social Media Marketing

Visuals for Social Media Marketing

visuals for social media marketing are very important

Create more visuals and get more attention

Social Media Marketing is a platform that has become the platform for increasing brand awareness. Marketers can be seen making posts on different social media platforms to keep their accounts and pages interactive and to hold the interest of consumers and potential customers. Visuals for social media marketing platforms are not given a lot of importance. Read more

Visuals will get your Facebook posts noticed

Get your Facebook posts noticed

Do you feel that your facebook posts are going unnoticed? Are you of the view that the post is very informative but still just passes the eye of the reader? We have listed a few ways by which you can trap customer attention and get your facebook posts noticed.

Now get your Facebook posts noticed

You should get your Facebook posts noticed

One basic reason why people visit Facebook is to get entertained. If your post is not one that provides entertainment then readers will scroll through. Read more

Advantages of PPC for efficient marketing

Know the advantages of PPC

Search Engine Marketing is also commonly known as PPC or Pay Per Click. In this method, marketers who wish to display their brands on Google and get a good ranking, create a campaign structure on Google adwords and pay Google only when someone clicks on their links, which is CPC or Cost per click. Advantages of PPC are many and you will also incur expenditure on the number of impressions, which is CPM or Cost per 1000 impressions.

Advantages of PPC

Pay Per Click Process

Read more

Freelance job opportunities weekly wrap-up week ending 27th April ’14

freelancing-job-available-in social-media-marketing


Freelance job opportunities in Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing

The week ending 27th April ’14 saw an overload of freelance jobs opportunities related to social media. We classified some of the best jobs in this domain for you. The first freelance job available is posted from Bellevue, Washington, United States. You will be required to follow all his guidelines to the end. He has clearly explained what he wants and provided links as well. Read more

Facebook Marketing- efficient or not ?

Is Facebook Marketing still efficient or not?

One of the most important parts of social media marketing is Facebook marketing. It is being adopted by many brands and businesses. These brands keep updating their profile on Facebook in order to have a higher impact through Facebook Marketing. Brands think that whatever posts they are posting on their website is flashing on the wall of all the fans. This is not what is actually happening. Read more

Freelance jobs available, weekly wrap-up week ending 20th April ’14

Remote Jobs available

Freelancing jobs available. content writing jobs available.

Freelance jobs available – Weekly Wrap-up

In the previous weekly wrap up we saw remote jobs for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and WordPress. Lets see what happened last week on remote jobs.

The week ending 20th April ’14 saw lot of freelance jobs available, it saw an overload of content writing freelancing job opportunities coupled with social media marketing requirements. We classified some of the best jobs in this domain for you.  Read more

Career in social media marketing

Career in social media marketing: A smart choice for freelance and full time

Ever thought of making a career in social media marketing or digital marketing ? Social Media has become the ever-attractive platform that is attracting people without any limitations of geography, demography and psycho-graph. Irrespective of whether someone is paying you to do it or you are doing it on your own, most of us find ourselves on the internet most of the time. There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and a hundred other online portals that we so readily invest all our time in.Why not get paid for it?

Freelancing opportunities in social media marketing

career in social media marketing

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Remote jobs available, weekly wrap-up – week ending 13th April ‘14

Weekly wrap-up for remote jobs

List of remote jobs available for the week


Remote Jobs available

The week ending 13th April ’14 saw an overload of SEO and WordPress remote jobs opportunities coupled with social media requirements. We classified some of the best jobs in this domain for you.  This job right here needed a Content & Social Media Strategy Consultant.  We featured this particular job as it was a perfect blend of content as well as social media catering to a client in relationship advice. It was a good long-term opportunity with an even better pay of $30 per hour. But alas, the vacancy has been filled! But no worries, we have also featured other jobs (that are still open) for you to apply, for instance this one here- a neat and clean simple opportunity that begins with your application as a SEO specialist. Read more

Facebook users in India cross 10 crores in number

Social Media Marketing Giant Facebook

Facebook in India had the 2nd largest users after USA.

Facebook, has more than 1.23 billion users globally. Second largest number of Facebook users are in India. There are more than 10 crore Facebook users in India itself. After United States of America, India is the 2nd country to have achieved this number, says the social media giant. Read more

Freelancing opportunities in Digital Marketing are on a rise

Freelancing jobs in internet marketing

Freelancing opportunities in digital marketing are on a rise.


These days the numbers of people looking for freelancing opportunities in digital marketing have shot through the roof. The current era requires men and women to do as much work as they can in order to support themselves and their family. Stay at home mothers have also found their niche and are looking for opportunities to create and expand their careers. With freelance opportunities, there is flexibility in work schedule and individuals can take up as much work as they like. It is obviously imperative that time guidelines be followed but freelancing options have created opportunities for people far and wide. Read more