Digital Marketing Campaigns using Coupons

There has been a huge rise in online shopping in the last couple of years. And there has been a massive resurgence in discount coupons, especially online. Due to websites like Jabong, Snapdeals, Flipkart, Infibeam, Myntra, Amazon, Times Deal, Deals4u and many others consumers receive discounts all there year round. People don’t have to wait for sale any more to shop for a lesser price. Read more

Freelance jobs in Android app development weekly wrap-up week ending 11-5-14

remote jobs in Android app developmet and website building

Freelance jobs in Mobile app development and WordPress

Freelance jobs in Android app development and Website development on WordPress

The week ending 11th May, 2014 saw an overload of freelance jobs in Android app development and Website development (IT & Programming). We classified some of the best jobs in this domain for you. The first freelance job post is for someone who is aware about Android Application Development and has experience to back him up. An extensive knowledge about Android apps is also necessary. The app has already been connected and so your job description will be to connect the app to the web services and ensure that it performs few behaviors. The app needs to fulfill all its functions in order for the project to be completed. The app sizes vary from 6 to 18 pages. The budget for this project is $500. Read more

Freelancing job opportunities in SEO weekly wrap-up week ending 4th May ’14

Freelancing job opportunities in SEO, SEM and Content

freelancing jobs in SEO

Freelancing job opportunities in SEO- weekly wrap up

The week ending 4th May ’14 saw an overload of freelancing job opportunities in SEO. For all you people who are looking for jobs in Search Engine Optimization this freelancing job opportunity wrap-up will be very useful. We have classified some of the best remote jobs in this domain for you. The first freelancing job opportunity requires an SEO expert. The person who has posted this remote job belongs to Israel but is willing to work with individuals from any country. Read more

Five important email marketing tips

How to do efficient email marketing Email Marketing Tips

In the current era, digital marketing has taken the world by storm. Businesses need to use different techniques and tools to beat competitors and belong in the race. Out of the many tools, email marketing is one of the important ones and is being widely used. There are a few things that every email marketer should be aware of. These techniques will help them carry out a better and more efficient marketing campaign. Read more

Job hunt on Social Media

How to do job hunt on social mediaHow to do job hunt on social media?


Digital Marketing is not in its infancy. The proof is the millions of websites and the billions of people on social media platforms. Job hunt on social media is not a new concept. In such a world, if you are jobless and looking for work, where will you look?

Yes, that’s right! Anyone will first turn to the internet. Lets make it simpler. This article will tell you how you can use different social media platforms to hunt for jobs. Read more