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What makes us the best WordPress training institute in Navi Mumbai offering WordPress training course is that we believe in a 2 way traffic Freelancers academy. We share our wealth of knowledge through discussions carried out by one of the best WordPress Experts. Our Faculty are proven experts in their fields. Freelancers Academy believes in providing hands on experience on live projects.

We at Freelancers Academy are one of the best wordpress training institute available in Navi Mumbai. We cover all the aspects of WordPress . We give students access to live dashboard of clients that we work for which gives them a competitive edge over the others.

Wordpress Course Syllabus

  • Understand the foundations of a WordPress-based website
  • Understand the basics of the WordPress User Interface
  • Find and use WordPress Plugins
  • Work with WordPress Themes
  • Understand WordPress Content Management
  • Use WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Manage Multimedia with WordPress
  • Troubleshoot Common WordPress Problems
  • Blogging
  • Adsense
  • All About Themes
  • Finding and Using Plugins
  • Maintaining WordPress
  • Creating and Managing Content with WordPress
  • Organizing the Content on Your Blog
  • How WordPress.com Is Different Than WordPress.org
  • Configuring WordPress to Work Its Best
  • Getting Around WordPress
  • Wordpress Course Faculty

    Meer Irfan Ali


    Shirish D.


    Rahul S

    seo analytics

    Kiran Hota

    Kiran Hota SEO Architect and Reasercher at Rediff.com

    Vishal Gupta

    social media marketing

    Jaideep Bir

    search engine optimization

    Sudish Balan

    seo marketing

    Kaushik M


    Mithila K

    google analytics

    Beverly D

    digital marketing

    Student Testimonials

    I can honestly say that I found the lectures inspiring and I am now trying to do everything I can to advance my own knowledge and wordpress skill set. Thanks for the Inspiration.

    Vishal Dave
    Vishal Dave

    The curriculum is the best and more over the trainers. I would strongly recommend this training for every marketer who wants to make their own websites.

    Priyanka Thakur
    Priyanka Thakur

    The course offerred at Freelancer’s Academy helped me gain a thorough understanding of Word Press. It also gave me the confidence to work on client work.

    Deepika Ganesh
    Deepika Ganesh

    What I like about this course is the fact that it was delivered by professionals actively working in the digital area and, i never thought learning WordPress would be so easy, and post this course I could develop websites on my own.

    Shreya Singhania
    Shreya Singhania

    The rise in the number of networking sites and forums are the example of this. A new platform called blogs has taken the market by storm. A blog is a personalized space which is your own and you can design and utilize it as per your requirement. WordPress is one such website which allows people to start their own blogs on anything and everything. To get more details on WordPress download this – PPT on WordPress

    WordPress was first introduced in 2003 by a bunch of personnel providing a podium for writers to share their work. Within a period of little more than a decade, this space is being used by hundreds of people throughout the world. This platform is an open source and is free for anyone who is interested to work on it. There are numerous tools and techniques inbuilt to personalize, beautiful and enhance the blog. There are no restrictions on what should be included and what not. You can form a blog for beauty, pet care, science, and technology or any other topic which you feel is significant and of public interest. If accepted by the public, your blog may even help you earn money, a lot of money indeed. Every person cannot write down a book or can get a chance to write a column in newspaper or magazines. The blog helps people to share their thoughts and brings like-minded people together. Blogs also are used for social causes and bringing about awareness on a number of topics. It is aptly said that “Pen is mightier than sword” and blog is the pen for the new generation of writers and authors.

    Some of the advantages provided by WordPress include:
    • Simplicity
    • Flexibility
    • Easy to publish work
    • Search engine optimisation
    • Easy installation and upgrades
    • Multilingual
    • Freedom of expression
    • User management and many more.

    Due to these feature WordPress is producing 61.8 million new posts and 55.4 million new comments and is read by 409 million people per month (as per WordPress statistics) making it one of the top blogging site.

    Freelancer Academy guides the people working in WordPress in a proper direction. Every website has its own set of plugins, themes, and operation mechanism. Any newcomer may face difficulty in working in online forums. Freelancer Academy helps the newcomers to understand the working processes with relevant course material, demo classes, and consultancy. In certain cases assistance to get work can also be provided. The faculty are friendly and understand the points where a person needs help. This initiative has enabled a number of people to work effectively in WordPress environment without facing any adverse situations.


    The training is based on years of experience of word press projects implemented for various customers and clients in the industry.


      After completing this course you would be able to design good clean websites on word press


      You would be able to take up freelancing opportunities in word press.


      After this course, students can create good clean website made on the word press platform.

    Wordpress Opportunities in Mumbai



    Today there are millions of jobs online as long as you have the inclination you too could start making money online.Freelancers Academy will show you how


    Depending on your current skill levels and flair, we will put you in one of these skill buckets and help you get freelancing income. Seo & Sem / Social Media / Mobile App Development/Web Designing / Web Programming / Web Copywrititng.


    We offer flexible formats of training  online and classroom supported by comprehensive courseware. Learn from home and also start earning from home ! Our faculty are leading experts in this category and will help you step up your skills.


    We have the relationships to help you start getting long-term freelancing jobs from a wide range of opportunities – domestic and international. You can start earning 3-4 weeks after you enroll with us.


    Freelancers Academy is not your usual training academy. What makes us the best wordpress designing institute in Navi mumbai is that we incorporate latest techniques and ensure that you start earning from home, as part time income or as freelancing.

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