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Freelancers Academy has been conceptualized to help individuals make the most out of the boom in freelancing in the world of web skills. Also, we believe that freelancing helps in making your resume more powerful and makes you more attractive in the eyes of a potential recruiter. We at Freelancers Academy cover all the aspects of Digital Marketing and Mobile app. development by means of both classroom and online courses. Freelancers Academy is a comprehensive provider of new media programs in top cities of the country. Our training has been built in a manner that individuals would be able to start with freelancing immediately after our programs and thus can earn back multiple times of the amount invested in the courses.

Our Team

Swapnil Pase

Preeti Jain

Siddharth Pamoor

Arti Shukla


Sonali Pogade

Amol Thange

Neha Rijhwani

Rashmi Jadhav

Yogini Mazumdar

Sayali Kokil


Rohit Kasurde


FA believes that if you want to be the best at something you have to be trained by the best. We ensure that we get the best of industry trainers to conduct our digital marketing course. We also stress on providing live project implementation experience so that students can first learn and then start earning immediately. We integrate the latest trends in digital marketing training. This passion for providing quality education has made us the the best digital marketing institute in Navi Mumbai.


Valium Cheapest, Buy 1000 Valium Online

Lifetime access to the course material. These are an ever-growing repository of videos that have been specially prepared to help you learn. You will ALWAYS have access to this even after you have finished the program, thus allowing you to revise the topics you have learned over a long period.


Membership to an online private community of all our freelancers associated.


Assistance in getting projects after finishing the program. We have a platform of our own – Web-StepUp ( where we assess freelancers and put them on long-term web projects which need remote execution.


Assistance in getting full-time jobs from top new media companies. In fact, here is a report we did on the latest profiles of the top new media companies in India
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