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Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane

Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane offered by Freelancers Academy is one of the best courses to Learn. Want to build a bright career in the field of digital marketing? Looking for Best Digital Marketing courses in Thane?  Freelancers Academy is here with a full-fledged and well-designed digital marketing courses in Thane that will arm you with the know-how and expertise to make a flourishing career in this field. We are one of the well-known digital marketing training institutes in Thane where competence meets career. This is to say we provide digital marketing training in thane through the best minds and modules. Our faculty members have got years of experience and diverse skill-set to guide the students in the finest manner.

Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane
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Deepak Kanakaraju

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Sourav Jain


Gaurav Gurbaxani


Freelancer’s Academy is the only digital marketing institute in Mumbai | Navi Mumbai | Thane to have its own digital marketing agency. Our digital marketing agency – Anuvaa, provides you with a platform to apply and understand concepts as you learn. We offer real working experience and practical exposure by giving you opportunities to work with our clients.

Best Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai(Andheri)

Have you ever wished to switch your career into Digital Marketing? Then Freelancers Academy offers you a certified Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri. This Digital Marketing Program is conducted on both weekdays and weekends and covers a broad spectrum of information in a time span of 60 hours.

Best Digital Marketing Institute in Navi Mumbai(Vashi)

Freelancers Academy in Navi Mumbai operates the city’s oldest and the most renowned classroom training and certification courses in Digital Marketing. Freelancers Academy has earned a reputation as one of the most effective Classroom Digital Marketing courses in Vashi, Navi Mumbai & Mumbai.

Best Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai(Thane)

What makes Freelancers Academy stand out is that every single employee has a stake in the company’s success. We are very team driven and have 3 branches all over Mumbai. We are now excited to move forward with our latest Digital Marketing Training branch in Thane. We are extremely overwhelmed with

Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane Modules

Freelancers Academy offers online and offline courses in the following subjects of digital marketing through different course modules under the program- Best Digital marketing courses in Thane.


SMS Marketing


Lead Generation


Youtube SEO


Youtube SEO

Best Trainers offering Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane

Freelancers Academy is not a top-rated digital marketing institute in Thane without reason. It offers Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane. Our faculty is among the best in town as we have brought together the most experienced and skilled trainers to teach our students. The faculty members have been shortlisted after an intensive test and thus, you can be sure of finding the sharpest and most competent minds. These trainers have the right mix of experience and knowledge to train students who want a best digital marketing training courses in Thane. But most importantly, they are passionate about what they do. So, as a student, you will not just get training but mentorship of the highest order that will keep you on track as long as you stay in touch with the academy. Our trainers assist you at every learning step and you can learn at your own pace in the manner that you desire. Hence, if you are looking for a one-stop digital marketing training courses in Thane under the best teachers then Freelancers Academy is the place to sign up for a course.

Professional Best Digital Marketing courses in Thane for every field

Digital marketing is a career field that is being touted as the gamechanger. It offers the highest growth curve and this is the reason many professionals and students want to make a career in this promising field. The good news is anyone with an interest in the domain can hope to make a career in it. There are various roles and profiles that need qualified professionals and companies are looking for skilled people to fill these roles. In fact, there is unlimited scope for freelancers and entrepreneurs who are looking to start ventures of their own. Being globalized in nature, it gives you a vast client pool where you can work for anyone sitting anywhere in the world.

Freelancers Academy, a well-known digital marketing institute in Thane brings a comprehensive digital marketing training course in Thane that will give you the certification to take the plunge in this ocean of opportunities. After finishing our Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane, you will be in possession of the requisite skills to start your career. You can choose a subject as per your interest and aptitude and after the training, you can get going with your career. A certificate will only add to your CV and the learning that you receive at our premiere digital marketing institute in Thane will come handy as you go about working on the projects. So, check out the demo class in best digital marketing courses in thane, sign up for a course and grab the opportunities with both hands. You can click here to know more about us through our students!


Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane
Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane
Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane

Testimonials for Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane

Testimonials for Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane

Freelancers Academy is one of the top 10 digital marketing institutes in Mumbai! If you are searching for the best digital marketing courses with affordable fees in Mumbai or digital marketing courses in Mumbai with placement training and help, then Freelancers Academy is for you! A set of faculties with expert industry knowledge, amazing internship opportunities, and access to a great network of digital marketing professionals are some of the perks of joining this academy. I joined for a four-month course on SEO and SEM and was highly impressed with the quality of teaching and training opportunities provided to me. The faculty was highly engaging and always available to answer any of my queries related to digital marketing.


Want to learn digital marketing in Mumbai at a completely affordable price? Then Freelancers Academy is the best place to do so! It equipped me to start freelancing on projects on my own from home; something I always wanted to accomplish – a lucrative career option from home. I joined for the integrated digital marketing course at the academy which covered all the major aspects of digital marketing at a good pace and with hands-on training. Thank you, Freelancers Academy, for equipping me with the necessary skill set to excel at digital marketing.


Freelancers Academy has been a boon for my desire to learn digital marketing and start a career as a professional in this field. The quality of the lectures, the hands-on training provided in the classroom, as well as, the in-house internship opportunity at their digital marketing agency Anuvaa, proved to be the best stepping-stone to my dreams.

Krunal Murari

I am very much Happy to see they opened in Thane as well. One of the top most Digital marketing institute in Mumbai. A good opportunity for the central crowd to cash in with the expertise and practical training provided by the faculties here. I am a working professional and do freelancing website designing. i was longing to learn something additional to earn more. I came across freelancers academy in Thane and they offer best digital marketing course in thane. i had my certification done from here and now voila! I am an SEO specialist now. They even helped me learn SEM for my other clients. Freelancers academy has best in class professionals trainers. I went there by reading someone's review. and I would recommend Someone else too.

Amol Thange

To begin with, i wanted to upgrade my career with something new. Since I am a web developer and because of digital marketing being in trend was so much influencing that I wanted to try for it. Looking for a digital marketing institute was a challenging. But then google helped me. I saw FREELANCERS ACADEMY for best digital marketing institute in than and hence inquired with same. Just so you know..I inquired with different institutes but I found Freelancers academy more appealing since they had an In house digital marketing agency as a benefit. I joined them.. No doubt I made a right choice. Got very good practical knowledge from their employees. No wonder they are the reason I've been doing great with my freelancing career coz of an additional skill i got with the help of freelancers academy. I would surley recommend people who are looking for Digital marketing course in thane; freelancers academy is the best!

Kanawade Pradnya

I have done my digital marketing course from Freelancers Academy. They are having awesome faculty for digital marketing and also they give intern option to there candidates. Freelancers academy in thane is best place for the people who wants to start their career again. since they offer best in class faculty and unlimited help with seo, sem, analytics. Unlike other institutes they don't fake placements or fees. they have a quality structure. I'm happy i did my did my digital marketing course from thane. and got placed with their help.