Best UI Course in Mumbai

UI Curriculum

Getting Started

Start by familiarizing yourself with what UI Design is, where it originates from, and what are some common tools and principles tools that the field relies on.

Interactive Patterns

Learn how to recognize common design patterns and best practices for creating your own UI components within a design system.

Brand and Identity

Learn how a product’s brand impacts the design process and how to form your work according to a strict set of style rules.

Recreating an Existing Interface

Using your working knowledge of essential Sketch features and functions, you’ll recreate the user interface for a travel app.

Conceptualization of Design Principles

With knowledge of design theory, you will develop wireframes of low-, mid-, and high-fidelity, before finalizing the UI for your app.

User Experience Design

You’ll incorporate basic principles of user experience (UX) design to determine and solve challenging UI problems.

Design Workflow

You’ll create a workflow for your app, taking the design project all the way from the requirements phase to the design, critique, and iterate loop.