Best UX Course in Mumbai

Basics of Wireframing

What is Wireframing ?

How to Make Your First Wireframe ?

Low Fidelity vs. High Fidelity Wireframes; What's the Difference?

Project: Wireframes?

User Experience
Design Certificate

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Course Curriculum

Dive into UX Design

A Peek into the World of UX Design

What does a UX Designer Actually do

Most Important Skill For UX Designers

Optional Resource: Design Thinking 101

What is UX Design ?

Project Framing

Understanding Your Users

Understanding Your Users

Resources: User's Personas

How to do User Research

A Closer Look at Personas

How to Know Your User's Needs

User Personas

Ideation and Sketching

Defining Goals

7 Reasons for Sketching in UX Design

How Google approaches the Process of Ideation

Project: Ideation and Sketching