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Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane

Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane offered by Freelancers Academy is one of the best courses to Learn. Want to build a bright career in the field of digital marketing? Looking for Best Digital Marketing courses in Thane?  Freelancers Academy is here with a full-fledged and well-designed digital marketing courses in Thane that will arm you with the know-how and expertise to make a flourishing career in this field. We are one of the well-known digital marketing training institutes in Thane where competence meets career. This is to say we provide digital marketing training in thane through the best minds and modules. Our faculty members have got years of experience and diverse skill-set to guide the students in the finest manner.

Working in Leading Companies


Freelancer’s Academy is the only digital marketing institute in Mumbai | Navi Mumbai | Thane to have its own digital marketing agency. Our digital marketing agency – Anuvaa, provides you with a platform to apply and understand concepts as you learn. We offer real working experience and practical exposure by giving you opportunities to work with our clients.

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus in Thane

Freelancers Academy offers online and offline courses in the following subjects of digital marketing through different course modules under the program- Best Digital marketing courses in Thane.

Module 1: Digital Marketing Overview

    • Outline of Digital Marketing
    • Setting Campaigning Goals
    • Important Digital Marketing Channels
    • How-to device a digital marketing plan
    • Difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing

Module 2: SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

  • Getting to know about Search Engines
  • Learn about Crawling and Indexing
  • Google versus Other Search Engines
  • Learn the differences between SEO and Paid Ads
  • White Hat, Black Hat, and Grey Hat SEO Techniques

Module 3: Analysis & Keyword research

● Detailed Research on Keywords
● Familiarize yourself with Google Keyword and Planner
● Find keywords using Google Auto Detection Keywords
● Decide your keyword Money

Module 4: On-Page Optimization

● Basics of HTML
● Key HTML Tags
● Title, H1, Meta Description
● Keyword Density and Prominence
● Content Optimization
● Content-Length
● Content Quality
● Content Uniqueness
● Content Freshness
● How to optimize image

Module 5: SEO Technical

● Length and structure of URL
● Analysis of Page Speed
● 301 Redirects
● Robots. TXT
● Internal Linking
● Sitemaps.XML
● Essential Schemas to implement

Module 6: Off page Optimization

● Google Ranking Page
● Parameter Indicators such as PA and DA
● How to Add MozBar Chrome Extension
● Significance of Backlinks
● Different Techniques of Backlinks
● Web 2.0
● Forum Participation
● Blog Commenting
● Social BookMarking
● Classifieds
● Submission of Directory
● Video Submission
● Guest Posting Blog
● Press Release
● Infographics
● Audio Sharing Sites
● Social Media websites
● Industry Roundup
● Business Listing Websites
● Answering sites

Module 7: Advanced Link Building

● Link Wheel
● Do-Follow Links
● Link Exchange
● No-Follow Links
● Link Juice and Pyramid

Module 8: Blog Marketing

● Know more about the Blogs
● Creating Blogs
● Visitors Engagement
● Learn which topics to post about
● What time to post

Module 9: Content Marketing

● Create Original content
● Understanding about the Content Marketing Strategy
● Devise a content marketing plan
● Driving the Specific Audience

Module 10: Competitor Analysis

● Get Familiar with Competitor Analysis tools such as AHREFs, SEO Profiler, and SEMRush
● Analyzing Competitor Links
● Traffic Analysis of the Competitors
● Comprehensive understanding of the AHREFs and the other equivalent tools

Module 11: Website Auditing

● On-Page SEO Audit
● Finding the Content Duplication
● Google Penalty Check
● Page Speed Audit
● Console Errors and Warnings

Module 12: SEO Tools

● Tools for Content Development
● Tools for Rank Trackers
● On-Page Methods for Optimisation
● Tools for backline-research
● Audit resources on the Website
● Keyword Research Tools

Module 13: Google My business

● Google Listings Creation
● Developing Citations
● Regular Posting of the updates and its significance
● Reviews
● How to manage the Negative Reviews

Module 14: Google Search Console

● Top Search Queries
● Organic Performance
● Key Performance Metrics
● Top Pages
● Structured Data
● CTR, Clicks, and Impressions, CTR
● Using different filters
● URL Inspection
● Coverage issue
● Mobile Usability
● BreadCrumbs, FAQs, and Logos
● Site Maps
● Links
● Legacy Tools and Reports
● Security Issues
● Manual Action

Module 15: Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics and Real Time User Analytics
● Content
● Traffic Source
● Location

Audience Section
● Understanding Cohort Analysis
● Learning about User Explorer
● Understanding Active User
● Audiences based on Interests
● Audiences based on Demographics Classification
● Understanding Geo
● Understanding Affinity Audiences
● Understanding In-Market Audiences
● Analysing Audience Behavior
● Cross-Device Reach
● Mobile Audiences
● Understanding User-Flow
● Understanding Benchmark

Behavior Section
● Understanding the Behavior Flow
● Site Search behavior Report
● Site Content behavior Report
● Site Speed behavior Report
● Learning about Events Report
● Publisher

● All Traffic
● Paid Traffic
● Organic Traffic
● Referral Traffic
● Social Media Traffic
● Search Consoles
● Google ads
● Campaigns
● Social Media

Goal Setting
● Conversion
● E-commerce
● Goals
● Multi-channel funnels
● Product Linking
● AdSense Linking
● Google Ads
● 3rd Party Application Linking


Module 16: Google Search Ads

● Creating PPC campaign
● Ad Rank
● Quality Score
● Ad Groups
● Budgeting of PPC
● Keywords
● Creating Text Ads
● Extension SetUp
● Knowing the Negative Keywords
● PPC Campaign Optimization
● Evaluating the Key Metrics

Module 17: Google Display Ads

● Contextual Target
● Placement Target
● Interest Targeting
● Topics Targeting

Module 18: Remarketing

● Standard and Dynamic Remarketing
● Video Marketing
● Email Marketing
● Remarketing lists for the Search Ads

Module 19: Video Marketing

● Getting to know about Video Optimization
● Creator Studios
● Getting acquainted with Video Platforms
● Creating videos
● Creating Youtube Channel
● Playlists
● Familiar with Youtube Analytics
● Advanced Video Optimization techniques
● Best Practices

Module 20: Mobile Marketing

● SMS Marketing
● Targeting Mobiles and Paid ads
● App Store Optimization
● Differentiating between the Web and Mobile Marketing
● Familiar with Mobile websites
● Be acquainted with Responsive websites
● Creating Mobile Process: Native and Hybrid Apps Overview

Module 21: Whatsapp Marketing

● Configuring Whatsapp Business
● Installation
● Enabling Auto message service

Module 22: SMS Marketing

● Find the Vendors
● Know the Code
● Transactional SMS vs Promotional SMS
● Good practices

Module 23: Youtube Optimization

● Channel Growth
● Identifying Content Marketing Keywords
● Optimisation of video title
● Tag Optimisation
● Catchy Thumbnail Setup
● Subscriber Optimisation Connection
● Description Shortcut
● Monetization on your video

Module 24: Social Media Optimization

● Get to learn about Group Engagement
● Monitoring reports
● Creation of an Event
● Using correct Hashtags
● Social media profile creation on Twitter , Instagram , LinkedIn and FB

Module 25: Facebook Marketing

● Optimization of Facebook Page
● Creation of Facebook Business Manager
● Campaign creation – Lead Generation, Video, Post Reach increasing App store, Event
Promotion, and Pages like Ad
● Creative Ad posting
● Setup of Audience
● Bidding Strategy
● Budgeting strategy

Module 26: Instagram Marketing

● Instagram Business Profile Optimization
● Instagram Marketing Influencer
● Instagram Paid Marketing in feeds and stories
● Bidding Strategy
● Budgeting strategy
● Creation of Instagram Content Strategy

Module 27: LinkedIn Marketing

● LinkedIn Company Page Optimization
● LinkedIn Ads- Search, InMail, Image, Job Postings, and Retargeting Ads
● Bidding Strategy
● Budgeting strategy

Module 28: Twitter Marketing

● Twitter Marketing to Reach the Brand
● Instream video ads
● Installation of Apps
● Grow your Twitter Followers
● Audience Retargeting
● Bidding Strategy
● Budgeting Strategy

Module 29: Email Marketing

● Getting to know about the functioning of Email Marketing
● Various kinds of Email Marketing
● Opt-in Email Marketing
● Setting up of Account for Email Marketing
● List Setup
● Web Form
● Creation of Email Broadcast
● Setting up of Auto Responder
● Optimize the Increase Inbox percentage
● Selecting the best email marketing tool like Mailchimp

Module 30: Social Media Marketing Tools

Module 31: Digital Marketing Certification

● Google Analytics Certification
● Google Adword Certification
● Facebook Certification
● YouTube Certification
● HubSpot Certification

Module 32: Influencer Marketing

Module 33: Building a powerful website through wordpress

● Web Technologies
● Domain Hosting and Registration
● Familiar with HTML
● Understanding Terminologies
● User Administration
● WordPress Installation

Module 34: WordPress

WordPress themes:
● Paid Theme vs Free Theme
● Changing Themes
● Theme Selection Process
● Installing/ Adding Themes
● Activating and Preview Themes

Working with Widgets
● Installing Widgets in the Sidebar and Footer

Working with Menu For Your Website
● Creation of Menus
● Creation of Sub – Menus
● Deleting the items from the menu

WordPress Plugins:
● Installation of Plugins
● Upgradation of Plugins
● Activation Plugins
● Managing Plugins
● Recommended Plugins

Module 35: Lead Generation

● Being Familiar with Lead Generation methods
● In-depth understanding of Landing Pages
● Website Vs Landing Page
● Perform A/ B Testing to Better Lead Generation
● Lead Nurturing Process
● Mastering Lead Funnel
● Practical Session on CRM for the Lead Management

Module 36: Google Adsense

● Policies of Adsense
● Being Approved by Google
● Integration of the code to your blog
● Adsense Code Generation best practices
● Making Money Via Adsense
● Track the Earnings
● Developing CTR

Module 37: Affiliate Marketing

● Getting to know about the Affiliate Marketing
● Familiar with Affiliate Marketing
● Legal Policies
● Obtaining Approval
● Tracking the Affiliation Codes

Module 38: Online Reputation Management

● Tools used for ORM
● SWOT Analysis of ORM
● Handling the Negative Conversations
● Devising the ORM

Module 39: Achieving your Digital Marketing Goals

Module 40: Get Familiar with SEM

● Selecting the right Keywords
● Campaign creation
● Video Ad
● Texted Ad
● Images Ad
● Animated Ad
● YouTube Marketing
● Re-marketing

Digital Marketing Course Tools

Best Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai(Andheri)

Have you ever wished to switch your career into Digital Marketing? Then Freelancers Academy offers you a certified Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri. This Digital Marketing Program is conducted on both weekdays and weekends and covers a broad spectrum of information in a time span of 60 hours.

Best Digital Marketing Institute in Navi Mumbai(Vashi)

Freelancers Academy in Navi Mumbai operates the city’s oldest and the most renowned classroom training and certification courses in Digital Marketing. Freelancers Academy has earned a reputation as one of the most effective Classroom Digital Marketing courses in Vashi, Navi Mumbai & Mumbai.

Best Digital Marketing Institute in Mumbai(Thane)

What makes Freelancers Academy stand out is that every single employee has a stake in the company’s success. We are very team driven and have 3 branches all over Mumbai. We are now excited to move forward with our latest Digital Marketing Training branch in Thane. We are extremely overwhelmed with


Freelancers Academy is not a top-rated digital marketing institute in Thane without reason. It offers Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane. Our faculty is among the best in town as we have brought together the most experienced and skilled trainers to teach our students. The faculty members have been shortlisted after an intensive test and thus, you can be sure of finding the sharpest and most competent minds.

Job Opportunities After Completing Digital Marketing Course in Thane

In India an average youth spends 6 hours a day on digital consumption and in lockdown, it raises upto 12 hours a day using smartphones If I want to communicate to this audience the only way is by smartphones If you want to promote your product to this person the only communication is possible via smartphones and this is the scope of digital marketing in India All Business want to go online and target there audience. Everybody is shopping online due to fear of corona thus the demand for a digital marketer is increasing because every business wants to go online and hire a digital marketer The demand for a digital marketer is high and the supply is less.


Digital marketing is a career field that is being touted as the gamechanger. It offers the highest growth curve and this is the reason many professionals and students want to make a career in this promising field. The good news is anyone with an interest in the domain can hope to make a career in it. There are various roles and profiles that need qualified professionals and companies are looking for skilled people to fill these roles. In fact, there is unlimited scope for freelancers and entrepreneurs who are looking to start ventures of their own. Being globalized in nature, it gives you a vast client pool where you can work for anyone sitting anywhere in the world.

Digital marketing course institute in thane


Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane
Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane
Digital Marketing courses in Navi Mumbai, Vashi
Best Digital Marketing Courses in Thane


Learning at Digital Marketing Institute Freelancers Academy in Thane is an excellent experience for me. The special & innovative course has lined all the aspects of marketing in a very superb manner. The way the syllabus is outlined matches along with your busy schedule. It's simple to learn and to earn extra credit for you in person. The course has varied aspects of digital marketing, it gave me a heap of insights and smart examples to compare & learn. It's really very helpful for anyone who would love to begin their own business and students who would love to pursue their career in digital marketing.


As I had no idea about digital marketing earlier, I would say that being a part of Freelancers Academy has opened new ways for me. Great teaching skills and making the topics so understandable. I will highly recommend anyone who wants to be in the field of digital marketing, Freelancer Academy in Thane is the best choice.


Thank you Freelancers Academy for helping me in setting my own website. It was a good decision to join Freelancers Academy which is the best digital marketing course in Thane. Really good trainers specially Swapnil sir, Rohan sir, and Pooja ma’am. Classroom sessions are very interactive and all the trainers are so supportive. Vast knowledge of digital marketing is provided.


Hello, I am Gauri. I would like to say that Freelancers academy is the best digital marketing institute in Thane. If you want to Master the Digital marketing domain this the place to go for. Getting to learn from highly skilled and knowledgeable trainers gave me a lot of confidence and I feel I'm job-ready. I wish you all the best!

Krunal Murari

I am very much happy to see they opened in Thane as well. One of the topmost Digital marketing institute in Mumbai. A good opportunity for the central crowd to cash in with the expertise and practical training provided by the faculties here. I am a working professional and do freelancing website designing. i was longing to learn something additional to earn more. I came across Freelancers Academy- A Digital marketing training institute in Thane and they offer best digital marketing courses in thane. i had my certification done from here and now voila! I am an SEO specialist now. They even helped me learn SEM for my other clients. Freelancers Academy has the best in class professionals trainers. I went there by reading someone's review. and I would recommend Someone else too.

Amol Thange

To begin with, i wanted to upgrade my career with something new. Since I am a web developer and because of digital marketing being in trend was so much influencing that I wanted to try for it. Looking for a digital marketing Courses in Mumbai was a challenging. But then google helped me. I saw FREELANCERS ACADEMY for best digital marketing institute in thane and hence inquired with same. Just so you know..I inquired with different institutes but I found Freelancers academy more appealing since they had an In house digital marketing agency as a benefit. I joined them.. No doubt I made a right choice. Got very good practical knowledge from their employees. No wonder they are the reason I've been doing great with my freelancing career coz of an additional skill i got with the help of freelancers academy. I would surley recommend people who are looking for Digital marketing courses in thane; freelancers academy is the best!

Kanawade Pradnya

I have done my digital marketing course from Freelancers Academy. They are having awesome faculty for digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai, Vashi and also they give intern option to there candidates. Freelancers academy in thane is best place for the people who wants to start their career again. since they offer best in class faculty and unlimited help with seo, sem, analytics. Unlike other institutes they don't fake placements or fees. they have a quality structure. I'm happy i did my did my digital marketing course from Navi Mumbai, Vashi. and got placed with their help.

Zeeshan Shaikh

Freelancers academy is best place for digital marketing course in thane they gives more practical knowledge then the theory. Faculty of freelancers academy are experts of there field. It was an absolute feeling of satisfaction, learning from their faculty in their in house agency. i had a great time learning SEO, SEM and Linked-in marketing since i own a business of my own and applying these strategies on my own business has helped me a lot. So freelancers academy in thane is best institute for digital marketing training institute in Mumbai i would certainly recommend.

Sonali Chitriv

Digital Marketing is blooming today and helping many professionals to enhance their career but choosing the right institute is very important to give right direction to your career I chose Freelancers Academy as my career enhancer since it is the best Digital Marketing Institute in thane. They give you 100% job and internship assistance. It is an amazing place for beginners.

Review of best Digital Marketig Course in Navi Mumbai

Zeeshan Roy

After working for 6 years in BPO industry, I decided to learn digital marketing. I started searching for a digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai. And, I am glad I registered for Freelancer's SEO demo session.  As I was completely new to this field, Freelancers gave me a detailed overview of their digital marketing course and its benefits for my career. All the faculty members here are well-versed in their subject and also very interactive during classes. They are even available to help you and solve your queries after classes through emails and calls. It has been a good learning experience with freelancers academy.

5 frequently asked questions about digital marketing course

How does digital marketing course benefits the students?

The marketing industry is currently heaping with advertisements for job opportunities digital marketing as more and more companies are switching over digital platforms and e-media for the presentation of their products. A course in digital marketing provides students to discover the professional side of their sector and makes them potent to transform their skills into liquidity, in ways they did not have the opportunity to foresee. It benefits the students as having a certificate certainly uplifts their value in the market, creating a rise in their pay, making it one of the numerous fascinating and profitable aspects of the course. The authoritative ordinance concerning professionals in the digital marketing industry is spiking up day by day. As a student, one can discover multiple vocational options, a variety of jobs, and business opportunities. Digital marketing skills when combined with communication skills, a professional certificate, and ingenuity obviously impact people, companies, and media.

Who needs digital marketing services?

Electronic media has become the basic source of reliability for people. The businesses that have just started, the businesses that are at a developing stage, the businesses that believe they have the ability to expand and want to reach out to more people, and the businesses that do not get a proper response or value of proposition from their customers are the ones that should opt for digital marketing services. To grow the business, it is necessary to present their firm online. People have turned tech-savvy and rely on the internet once they decide to purchase something and these people are the target audience that produces a desirable output. If you already have a website presenting your business online but don’t provide adequate information about the same, you need a professional digital market person that can alter and complete the blog, making it apt for the audience to read. Also, an industrial digital marketing professional is someone who can guide the business person on where to invest, when it comes to digital marketing.

Is digital marketing a good career option?

Digital marketing is a dynamic and growing sector. If you look at the number of electronic equipment having access to the e- media being bought is increasing every year, these are all the potential customers to one brand or other. You have a variety of options in which you can be perfect such as, if you choose to be an SEO specialist, you can still train yourself in SEM or any other sector within the field. This flexibility ensures that you can switch careers within the industry if you are not satisfied with your current position. You can get a compensation package or salary as more companies are switching towards digital marketing, they are willing to pay a higher pay package for suitable candidates. The salary never goes below a certain level for any position in this field. If job satisfaction is the priority digital marketing is the best choice. This field has enough scope to express your creativity and innovative ideas. Digital marketing is the mixture of advertising, marketing, promotion, and brand building. All of the clubs together provide you with a variety of opportunities to showcase your range of potential as a professional.

What are the ways to become a good digital marketer?

  1. enroll yourself in the digital marketing course
  2. Learn from a practicing industrial professional.
  3. Get experiential on the job training.
  4. Update yourself with the recent digital marketing blogs.
  5. Get project ideas and revise yourself with free online digital marketing courses.
  6. With outstanding performance, become a sought-after digital marketsman/ marketswoman.

What is the role of digital marketing executive?

To understand the role of a digital marketing executive, you require to ken the roles and responsibilities of a marketing executive in the traditional sense. In a traditional framework, a marketing executive is entrusted with the obligation of promoting and marketing a brand’s products and services. Sometimes, the marketing executive is tasked with achieving sales on the behalf of the company, in a setup where marketing and sales teams merge. The difference between a traditional marketing specialist and a digital marketing specialist is the use of media. While the former uses traditional modes of marketing like newspaper and TV ads or door to door marketing, digital marketing executives use digital channels, especially the internet. A digital marketing executive needs to have clear ideas about the different platforms of digital marketing like SEO or PPC. You cannot say, as a digital marketing specialist, that you are unaware of the latest trends in a particular platform. You have to keep yourself updated every day by studying the digital marketing trends of reputed, established brands in your arena of work, even if they happen to be rival brands. Digital marketing executives have to address the brand’s presence online. It is not just about selling and promoting. To work on the social presence of a brand, you have to use social media networks, blogs or video marketing. These initiatives are aimed at popularising a brand and managing its reputation online. Sometimes, the job entails responding to customer’s complaints or queries.


Digital Marketing Certification Training locations in Thane

Ambernath 421506
Aghai 421301
Airoli 400708
Alyani 421601
Amane 421301
Ambarje 421301
Ambernath South 421501
Andad 421601
Angaon 421301
Anjur 421601
Apna Bazar 400610
Asangaon 421301
Atali 421102
Atgaon 421301
Aware 421601

Belapur node-5 400614
Bhaji Market 421002
Bhatsanagar 421603
Bhayander East 401105
Bhanyander West 401101
Bhiwandi 421308
Bus Terminus 421001
Chande 421301
Chimbipada 421301
Chinchwali 421301
Chitalsar Manpada 400607
Chondhe Colony 421601

Dabhad 421301
Dahisar 400612
Dalkhan 421301
Dandekarwadi 421302
Darave 400706
Dawle 400612
Dhasai 421402
Dighashi 421301
Diwa 400612
Dombivali 421201
Dolkhamb 421601
Dombivali I.a. 421203
Dugad 421301
Dunge 421301
Dwarli 421301

Ganeshpuri 401206
Ganeshwadi 421306
Gegaon 421403
Ghansoli 400701
Gokhale Road 400602
Gunde 421601
Jambhul 421301
Jekegram 400606
K.U.bazar 400703
Kalamgaon 421301
Kalher 421301
Kalwa 400605
Kalyan City 421301
Kalyan D.c. 421301
Kalyan Rs 421301
Kansai 421501
Kasara 421602
Kasarvadavali 400601
Kasegaon 421401
Katemanivali 421306

Kausa 400612
Khadvali 421301
Kharade 421601
Kharbav 421301
Khardi 421301
Kharid 421403
Kharivali 421403
Khoni 421301
Khutal Baragaon 421401
Khutghar 421601
Kinholi 421403
Kishore 421401
Kolthan 421401
Kon 421311
Konkan Bhavan 400614
Kopar Khairne 400709
Kopri Colony 400603
Kudus 421312
Kulgaon 421503
Kunde 421301

Lenad Khurd 421601
Lonad 421301
Mahapoli 421301
Majgaon 421401
Malegaon 421403
Mamnoli 421301
Manda 421605
Mangrul 421301
Manivail 421102
Manpada 421204
Mhasa 421401
Milhe 421401
Millenium Business park 400710
Mira 401104
Mira Road 401107
Mohone 421102
Moroshi 421401
Mugaon 421403
Mumbra 400612
Murbad 421401
Nandgaon 421601
Narivali 421401
Naupada 400602
Nerul Node-ii 400706
Nerul Node-iii 400706
Nerul Sec-48 400706
Netaji Bazar 421505
Nilje 421204

Shastrinagar 421302
Shelar 421301
Shenwa 421601
Shere 421301
Shirgaon 421601
Shivale 421401
Shrirangnagar 400601
Sogaon 421403
Station Road unr-3 421002
Subhash Road 421301
Talegaon 421401
Tansa 421301
Tapasenagar 400601
Tembhurli 421601
Thane 400601
Thane Bazar 400601
Thane East 400603
Thane R.s. 400601
Thune 421403
Tilaknagar 421201
Titwala 421605
Tulai 421401
Turbhe 400703

O.E.ambernath 421502
Pachhapur 421301
Padgha 421101
Padle 421204
Patgaon 421401
Paye 421301
Phalegaon 421301
Pimplas 421311
Piwali 421301
Ramnagar 421201
Rayate 421301
Rehnal 421301
Sakadbav 421601
Sakurli 421601
Sandozbaugh 400607
Sanpada 400705
Saralambe 421601
Saralgaon 421401
Saravali 421311
Sasne 421401
Sawaroli 421601
Sayale 421401
Shahad 421103
Shahapur 421601
Shantinagar 421302

Turbhe Market 400703
Ulhasnagar-1 421001
Ulhasnagar-2 421002
Ulhasnagar-4 421004
Ulhasnagar-5 421005
Uttan 401106
Vadavali 421301
Vadpe 421301
Vaholi 421301
Vaitarna 421301
Vajreshwari 401204
Varap 421301
Vashi 400703
Vashi Sec-26 400703
Vashind 421604
Vehele 421301
Vehloli 421601
Vidyashram 421305
Vishnunagar 421202
Wagle I.e. 400604
Waklan 400612