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Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri is one of the most-pursued courses in India and Freelancers Academy is here with its advanced digital marketing courses in Andheri. We offer a well-designed and all-purpose course that caters to the needs of learners across the spectrum. Our Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri has been crafted by experts with an eye on the needs of different types of learners and therefore, anyone can sign up for the course. Whether you are a beginner in the field or a working professional with some experience looking to upgrade your skills, our course will teach you what you intend to learn and you can learn at your convenience.
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Freelancers Academy has been awarded ” Best Training Company
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    Digital Marketing Institute in Andheri (with in-house Digital Agency )

    The regular training centers get an “F” for teaching. Hundreds and thousands of graduates complete their courses without the practical skills needed to succeed. Here at Freelancers Academy Andheri, we have filled the Gap by Creating a Course where people get an opportunity to work on” LIVE CLIENTS” at our in-house digital marketing agency. Once people complete their course they are made to work on our live project under the guidance of a project manager. Our Digital Marketing Institute in Andheri is also branched out to our Digital Marketing Training Institute in Navi Mumbai, and Digital Marketing Training institute in Thane. We also have been awarded the Best UI/UX Design training Institute in Andheri. We give you online access to training material with all the videos and presentations. We have built an online platform that helps our students stay connected with us. The online community discusses case studies regularly to keep students updated and relevant. Our customers mean everything to us; therefore we strive to give you the best experience possible! We are one of the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai We also offer our Digital Marketing Course in Andheri and have Digital Marketing Course in Thane.

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    Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

    Freelancers Academy offers online and offline courses in the following subjects of digital marketing through different course modules under the program- Best Digital marketing courses in Andheri.

    Module 1: Digital Marketing Overview

      • Outline of Digital Marketing
      • Setting Campaigning Goals
      • Important Digital Marketing Channels
      • How-to device a digital marketing plan
      • Difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing

    Module 2: SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

    • Getting to know about Search Engines
    • Learn about Crawling and Indexing
    • Google versus Other Search Engines
    • Learn the differences between SEO and Paid Ads
    • White Hat, Black Hat, and Grey Hat SEO Techniques

    Module 3: Analysis & Keyword research

    ● Detailed Research on Keywords
    ● Familiarize yourself with Google Keyword and Planner
    ● Find keywords using Google Auto Detection Keywords
    ● Decide your keyword Money

    Module 4: On-Page Optimization

    ● Basics of HTML
    ● Key HTML Tags
    ● Title, H1, Meta Description
    ● Keyword Density and Prominence
    ● Content Optimization
    ● Content-Length
    ● Content Quality
    ● Content Uniqueness
    ● Content Freshness
    ● How to optimize image

    Module 5: SEO Technical

    ● Length and structure of URL
    ● Analysis of Page Speed
    ● 301 Redirects
    ● Robots. TXT
    ● Internal Linking
    ● Sitemaps.XML
    ● Essential Schemas to implement

    Module 6: Off page Optimization

    ● Google Ranking Page
    ● Parameter Indicators such as PA and DA
    ● How to Add MozBar Chrome Extension
    ● Significance of Backlinks
    ● Different Techniques of Backlinks
    ● Web 2.0
    ● Forum Participation
    ● Blog Commenting
    ● Social BookMarking
    ● Classifieds
    ● Submission of Directory
    ● Video Submission
    ● Guest Posting Blog
    ● Press Release
    ● Infographics
    ● Audio Sharing Sites
    ● Social Media websites
    ● Industry Roundup
    ● Business Listing Websites
    ● Answering sites

    Module 7: Advanced Link Building

    ● Link Wheel
    ● Do-Follow Links
    ● Link Exchange
    ● No-Follow Links
    ● Link Juice and Pyramid

    Module 8: Blog Marketing

    ● Know more about the Blogs
    ● Creating Blogs
    ● Visitors Engagement
    ● Learn which topics to post about
    ● What time to post

    Module 9: Content Marketing

    ● Create Original content
    ● Understanding about the Content Marketing Strategy
    ● Devise a content marketing plan
    ● Driving the Specific Audience

    Module 10: Competitor Analysis

    ● Get Familiar with Competitor Analysis tools such as AHREFs, SEO Profiler, and SEMRush
    ● Analyzing Competitor Links
    ● Traffic Analysis of the Competitors
    ● Comprehensive understanding of the AHREFs and the other equivalent tools

    Module 11: Website Auditing

    ● On-Page SEO Audit
    ● Finding the Content Duplication
    ● Google Penalty Check
    ● Page Speed Audit
    ● Console Errors and Warnings

    Module 12: SEO Tools

    ● Tools for Content Development
    ● Tools for Rank Trackers
    ● On-Page Methods for Optimisation
    ● Tools for backline-research
    ● Audit resources on the Website
    ● Keyword Research Tools

    Module 13: Google My business

    ● Google Listings Creation
    ● Developing Citations
    ● Regular Posting of the updates and its significance
    ● Reviews
    ● How to manage the Negative Reviews

    Module 14: Google Search Console

    ● Top Search Queries
    ● Organic Performance
    ● Key Performance Metrics
    ● Top Pages
    ● Structured Data
    ● CTR, Clicks, and Impressions, CTR
    ● Using different filters
    ● URL Inspection
    ● Coverage issue
    ● Mobile Usability
    ● BreadCrumbs, FAQs, and Logos
    ● Site Maps
    ● Links
    ● Legacy Tools and Reports
    ● Security Issues
    ● Manual Action

    Module 15: Google Analytics

    Setting up Google Analytics and Real Time User Analytics
    ● Content
    ● Traffic Source
    ● Location

    Audience Section
    ● Understanding Cohort Analysis
    ● Learning about User Explorer
    ● Understanding Active User
    ● Audiences based on Interests
    ● Audiences based on Demographics Classification
    ● Understanding Geo
    ● Understanding Affinity Audiences
    ● Understanding In-Market Audiences
    ● Analysing Audience Behavior
    ● Cross-Device Reach
    ● Mobile Audiences
    ● Understanding User-Flow
    ● Understanding Benchmark

    Behavior Section
    ● Understanding the Behavior Flow
    ● Site Search behavior Report
    ● Site Content behavior Report
    ● Site Speed behavior Report
    ● Learning about Events Report
    ● Publisher

    ● All Traffic
    ● Paid Traffic
    ● Organic Traffic
    ● Referral Traffic
    ● Social Media Traffic
    ● Search Consoles
    ● Google ads
    ● Campaigns
    ● Social Media

    Goal Setting
    ● Conversion
    ● E-commerce
    ● Goals
    ● Multi-channel funnels
    ● Product Linking
    ● AdSense Linking
    ● Google Ads
    ● 3rd Party Application Linking


    Module 16: Google Search Ads

    ● Creating PPC campaign
    ● Ad Rank
    ● Quality Score
    ● Ad Groups
    ● Budgeting of PPC
    ● Keywords
    ● Creating Text Ads
    ● Extension SetUp
    ● Knowing the Negative Keywords
    ● PPC Campaign Optimization
    ● Evaluating the Key Metrics

    Module 17: Google Display Ads

    ● Contextual Target
    ● Placement Target
    ● Interest Targeting
    ● Topics Targeting

    Module 18: Remarketing

    ● Standard and Dynamic Remarketing
    ● Video Marketing
    ● Email Marketing
    ● Remarketing lists for the Search Ads

    Module 19: Video Marketing

    ● Getting to know about Video Optimization
    ● Creator Studios
    ● Getting acquainted with Video Platforms
    ● Creating videos
    ● Creating Youtube Channel
    ● Playlists
    ● Familiar with Youtube Analytics
    ● Advanced Video Optimization techniques
    ● Best Practices

    Module 20: Mobile Marketing

    ● SMS Marketing
    ● Targeting Mobiles and Paid ads
    ● App Store Optimization
    ● Differentiating between the Web and Mobile Marketing
    ● Familiar with Mobile websites
    ● Be acquainted with Responsive websites
    ● Creating Mobile Process: Native and Hybrid Apps Overview

    Module 21: Whatsapp Marketing

    ● Configuring Whatsapp Business
    ● Installation
    ● Enabling Auto message service

    Module 22: SMS Marketing

    ● Find the Vendors
    ● Know the Code
    ● Transactional SMS vs Promotional SMS
    ● Good practices

    Module 23: Youtube Optimization

    ● Channel Growth
    ● Identifying Content Marketing Keywords
    ● Optimisation of video title
    ● Tag Optimisation
    ● Catchy Thumbnail Setup
    ● Subscriber Optimisation Connection
    ● Description Shortcut
    ● Monetization on your video

    Module 24: Social Media Optimization

    ● Get to learn about Group Engagement
    ● Monitoring reports
    ● Creation of an Event
    ● Using correct Hashtags
    ● Social media profile creation on Twitter , Instagram , LinkedIn and FB

    Module 25: Facebook Marketing

    ● Optimization of Facebook Page
    ● Creation of Facebook Business Manager
    ● Campaign creation – Lead Generation, Video, Post Reach increasing App store, Event
    Promotion, and Pages like Ad
    ● Creative Ad posting
    ● Setup of Audience
    ● Bidding Strategy
    ● Budgeting strategy

    Module 26: Instagram Marketing

    ● Instagram Business Profile Optimization
    ● Instagram Marketing Influencer
    ● Instagram Paid Marketing in feeds and stories
    ● Bidding Strategy
    ● Budgeting strategy
    ● Creation of Instagram Content Strategy

    Module 27: LinkedIn Marketing

    ● LinkedIn Company Page Optimization
    ● LinkedIn Ads- Search, InMail, Image, Job Postings, and Retargeting Ads
    ● Bidding Strategy
    ● Budgeting strategy

    Module 28: Twitter Marketing

    ● Twitter Marketing to Reach the Brand
    ● Instream video ads
    ● Installation of Apps
    ● Grow your Twitter Followers
    ● Audience Retargeting
    ● Bidding Strategy
    ● Budgeting Strategy

    Module 29: Email Marketing

    ● Getting to know about the functioning of Email Marketing
    ● Various kinds of Email Marketing
    ● Opt-in Email Marketing
    ● Setting up of Account for Email Marketing
    ● List Setup
    ● Web Form
    ● Creation of Email Broadcast
    ● Setting up of Auto Responder
    ● Optimize the Increase Inbox percentage
    ● Selecting the best email marketing tool like Mailchimp

    Module 30: Social Media Marketing Tools

    Module 31: Digital Marketing Certification

    ● Google Analytics Certification
    ● Google Adword Certification
    ● Facebook Certification
    ● YouTube Certification
    ● HubSpot Certification

    Module 32: Influencer Marketing

    Module 33: Building a powerful website through wordpress

    ● Web Technologies
    ● Domain Hosting and Registration
    ● Familiar with HTML
    ● Understanding Terminologies
    ● User Administration
    ● WordPress Installation

    Module 34: WordPress

    WordPress themes:
    ● Paid Theme vs Free Theme
    ● Changing Themes
    ● Theme Selection Process
    ● Installing/ Adding Themes
    ● Activating and Preview Themes

    Working with Widgets
    ● Installing Widgets in the Sidebar and Footer

    Working with Menu For Your Website
    ● Creation of Menus
    ● Creation of Sub – Menus
    ● Deleting the items from the menu

    WordPress Plugins:
    ● Installation of Plugins
    ● Upgradation of Plugins
    ● Activation Plugins
    ● Managing Plugins
    ● Recommended Plugins

    Module 35: Lead Generation

    ● Being Familiar with Lead Generation methods
    ● In-depth understanding of Landing Pages
    ● Website Vs Landing Page
    ● Perform A/ B Testing to Better Lead Generation
    ● Lead Nurturing Process
    ● Mastering Lead Funnel
    ● Practical Session on CRM for the Lead Management

    Module 36: Google Adsense

    ● Policies of Adsense
    ● Being Approved by Google
    ● Integration of the code to your blog
    ● Adsense Code Generation best practices
    ● Making Money Via Adsense
    ● Track the Earnings
    ● Developing CTR

    Module 37: Affiliate Marketing

    ● Getting to know about the Affiliate Marketing
    ● Familiar with Affiliate Marketing
    ● Legal Policies
    ● Obtaining Approval
    ● Tracking the Affiliation Codes

    Module 38: Online Reputation Management

    ● Tools used for ORM
    ● SWOT Analysis of ORM
    ● Handling the Negative Conversations
    ● Devising the ORM

    Module 39: Achieving your Digital Marketing Goals

    Module 40: Get Familiar with SEM

    ● Selecting the right Keywords
    ● Campaign creation
    ● Video Ad
    ● Texted Ad
    ● Images Ad
    ● Animated Ad
    ● YouTube Marketing
    ● Re-marketing

    Digital Marketing Course Tools

    Digital Marketing Course Tools Taught in Andheri


    At Freelancers. Academy you would be given two certificates upon completion of your Digital Marketing Program in Andheri. One would be the course completion certification for undergoing the course and the second certificate would be a work experience certificate for working in our in-house design agency.

    Meet Our Trainer

    Digital marketing Course trainer in Andheri Deep mehta
    Digital marketing Trainer in Andheri Zaheer Patel
    Digital Marketing Trainer in Andheri Tushar More
    Digital Marketing Institute trainer in Andheri Sarvesh Blanc
    Digital marketing Agency Owner in Andheri Swapnil Pase
    Digital Marketing Consultant In Andheri Ashwini
    Digital marketing Trainer in Andheri Astha
    Best Rated Digital marketing Trainer in Andheri Richa shah

    Top 3 Reasons to Join Freelancers Academy For Our Digital marketing Course Conducted in Andheri

    Agency Based Learning

    The regular training centres get an “F” for teaching . Hundreds and thousands of graduates complete their course without the practical skills needed to Succeed. We have Filled the Gap by Creating a Course where people get an opportunity to work on ” LIVE CLIENTS”. Once people complete their course they are made to work on our live project under the guidance of a project manager.

    Placement Assistance

    You will be provided with placement opportunities in the same. Our online digital marketing course not only trains you in digital marketing but also trains you to crack the interviews and helps you find a place for yourself in the digital marketing world.

    Work on Live Projects

    Freelancers Academy digital marketing course provides agency-based training, which gives the student exposure to how it feels to work in an agency. This makes you digital marketing industry-ready. You will learn all the aspects of working in an agency, from working in teams to creating a proposal.

    Students In Action




    An outstanding place to learn digital marketing from A to Z. Freelancers Academy is the best digital marketing institute in Andheri. The teaching method is very interactive and one can learn a lot. The fees is affordable and this is one big plus point. The ambience is very friendly and positive. I am really happy that I am the student of this institute. They helped me improve my weak spot. Thank you Freelancers Academy


    I did my digital marketing course in Andheri from Freelancers Academy. I am ambitious and very much passionate about my career. All the faculties helped me out in gaining lot of practical experience in a short span of time, and they trained so well that now I have a really good salary package. The quality of training, live projects were beneficial to enhance my practical knowledge. I am glad to be the part of Freelancers Academy, I would suggest everyone to be its part as it is the best digital marketing institute in Andheri. Thank you


    After completing the course, from my experience I will say Freelancers academy provides the best digital marketing courses in Andheri. Here, they have very skilled and professional faculties with whom I learned in-depth concepts of digital marketing and also got practical experience by working with them, they also conveyed an excellent career guidance to me.


    I enrolled for digital marketing courses in Andheri at Freelancers academy on my friend’s suggestion. First I would thank him for suggesting me Freelancers academy. Right from the counselling to practical training everything was excellent at Freelancers Academy, digital marketing institute in Andheri. Thanks! Freelancers academy you are doing great job.


    Why Should I Learn a Digital Marketing Course at Freelancers Academy?

    ● Freelancers Academy Digital Marketing Course is developed and managed by Digital Marketing experts with 10 + Digital Marketing experience
    ● Chennai’s only institution with the perfect mix of theory & practical sessions
    ● In-depth 60 + Hour course coverage
    ● About 20,000 students confide in Freelancers Academy
    ● Accessible fees keeping in mind students and IT professionals
    ● Courses tailored to suit working professionals and students
    ● Chennai Interview Tips and Business Skills
    ● Support for construction resumes
    ● Case studies and real-time ventures

    Does Freelancers Academy support me with Placements after the Digital Market course in Andheri?

    ● Freelancers Academy has placements with more than 600 + small , medium and large businesses and has work openings for digital marketers, SEO analysts and other Digital Marketing related positions.
    ● Freelancers Academy has a dedicated placement officer to support the students
    ● The Placement cell allows the students to face the interview with confidence with
    numerous mock interviews and group discussions training sessions

    How to Enroll in the Digital Marketing Courses at Freelancers Academy?

    You can enroll by contacting our support number +91 90820 06765 or you can directly walk into our office.

    How old is Freelancers Academy and how many students have been trained by Freelancers Academy till now?

    ● In 2012, Swapnil Pase and Priti Jain set up Freelancers Academy institution to provide world-class digital marketing training. We have been involved in the training sector for nearly 8+ years now.
    ● We have graduated more than 20,000 students so far and it also involves the headcount of various employees.
    ● We have our Digital marketing course in Thane, Digital marketing course in Andheri, Digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai and Digital marketing course in Pune.

    What will be the batch size of the Digital Marketing Courses in Andheri and will I be given enough practical Training for the Digital Marketing Certification Course?

    We give the students the maximum amount of individual attention. The batch size of the Training is optimised for 5-10 members per lot. The batch size has been optimised for individual attention and clearly with tutors to clear the students’ doubts in complex subjects.

    Freelancers Academy provides students with many Industry case studies and real-time projects with the necessary practical training

    Are Digital Marketing Trainers well-equipped at Freelancers Academy in Andheri?

    Trainers are industry experts with a decade of Digital Marketer experience. Freelancers Academy Training Faculty is also working professionals from the field of digital marketing and providing students with hands-on training.

    What are the payments mode accepted at Freelancers Academy?

    We accept Cash, Razorpay, Bank transfer and G Pay.

    Where are you located?

    Freelancers Academy provides the best Digital Marketing Training in Navi Mumbai with the help of MNC professionals. Spend your valuable time visiting our branches in Navi Mumbai. Freelancers Academy is located in the main areas of Navi Mumbai, Thane, Andheri and South Mumbai.

    602, 6th floor, Devavrata Bldg. Plot no. 23, near HDFC Bank, above Babubhai Jagjivandas, Sector 17, Vashi. Navi Mumbai 400703.

    Shop No 5 , Corporate Point, Makwana Rd, Gamdevi, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059

    101, Shreejee Ashish Society, Lohar Ali Rd, next to Bhanushali hospital, Thane West, Maharashtra, 400601

    South Mumbai – Coming soon.

    What are the various Digital Marketing strategies?

    The various Digital Marketing strategies used are,

    ● SEO- Search Engine Optimisation
    ● SEM- Search Engine Marketing
    ● SMM- Social Media Marketing
    ● PPC-Pay per Click
    ● Marketing Email
    ● Marketing Content
    ● Affiliate Marketing/ Marketing Influencer
    ● Mobile Advertising

    Digital Marketing Training at Freelancers Academy in Navi Mumbai provides in-depth training of the various Digital Marketing concepts under the guidance of certified real-time professionals.

    Is it possible to learn a Digital Marketing course by myself?

    Yes, the theoretical concepts of digital marketing can be learned by yourself. But it is preferable to step into a professional Digital Marketing Training Institute to have a holistic understanding of the practical applications and theoretical concepts. The Freelancers Academy Digital Marketing Course in Navi Mumbai supports the students with extensive training in recent Digital Marketing concepts and applications for students in real time.

    How long does it take to learn the concepts of SEO?

    It depends wholly on your pace of learning. Moreover, when you step into a professional Digital Marketing Training Institute, learning SEO is not a tedious work. Digital Marketing Training at Freelancers Academy in Navi Mumbai provides the students with the best SEO training practises under the mentorship of digital marketing professionals in real time.

    What kind of assistance is offered to students both during the course and after?

    Students can get support during the course. They can contact the counsellor for any doubt they have about the lectures or the schedule. Students receive help with 100% placement assistance and access to recorded lectures.

    Can I learn more before enrolling in the digital marketing course? If so, how can I locate it?

    Students have an option of attending a demo lecture before enrolling for the course to get an idea about the class and faculty. Based on the demo lecture they can take the decision.

    What will we get to work on in the internship?

    Yes, we provide students with the chance to do an internship after their course in our in-house digital marketing agency. The assignments given during the internship give students real experience and help them understand things in practical way.

    Placement Partners