Chandni Sewani, a dentist from Dubai has now become a pro-digital Marketer! Chandni has always been fascinated by digital marketing. What piqued her interest was when she worked briefly on the digital marketing aspect of her Dental Clinic. That was just what it took for her to switch her career and become a full-time digital marketer. She signed up for a demo class at Freelancers Academy & there was no looking back. She discussed her restrictions/ apprehensions /doubts with Priti & Swapnil & they guided her through this transition. Shes now working as Digital Marketing Executive with Anuvaa Digital Marketing Agency.

Following is the brief conversation we had about her experience and journey from a being a Dentist to a professional Digital Marketer.

Q1) why did you choose digital marketing?
There comes a time in life where you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book. Though, I did my bachelors in dental surgery, I always felt the need to do something on a larger scale. I knew I did not want to be sitting in a chair looking at myself getting older and grayer.

Q2) what is your educational background?
I did my bachelors in dental surgery & have practised clinical dentistry for 2 years

Q3) how did you come across freelancers academy and made you choose it?
When I decided to switch my career to digital marketing, I was looking for an institute where I could get classroom training, experienced faculty, live projects and placement assistance. I signed up for demo classes in every digital marketing institute in Mumbai and finally came across Freelancers Academy which checked all the boxes.

Q4) how was your overall experience in freelancer’s academy?
As It was going to be a big transition for me from dentistry to digital marketing,Priti and Swapnil along with the faculty at freelancers assured that all my doubts were cleared which boosted my confidence and gave me a high-level understanding of the field. I was really happy with my experience here and recommend it to everyone looking to start their career in digital marketing.

Q5) what are the struggle you faced while progressing through the course?
The only struggle per say was me being not from marketing background. It took me more time comparatively to get used to the marketing jargons & concepts. But here I would like to give credit to extremely professional faculty at freelancers which cleared all my doubts with patience.