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Best Digital Marketing Course in Thane

Want to build a bright career in the field of digital marketing? Looking for a Digital Marketing course in Thane? Freelancers Academy is here with a full-fledged and well-designed digital marketing course in Thane that will arm you with the know-how and expertise to make a flourishing career in this field. We are one of the well-known training institutes in Thane where competence meets career. This is to say we provide training through the best minds and modules. Our faculty members have got years of experience and diverse skill-set to guide the students in the finest manner. Unlike other digital marketing courses in Thane, we offer rigorous practical training and expose our students to the live client projects & dashboards through our digital agency arm- Anuvaa. Hence, you get to apply the concepts as you learn.

Our course modules have been also designed by industry experts and encompass everything from the beginner’s steps to the advanced details. We have taken care to create courses that are learner-friendly and this is the reason we offer training through the classroom as well as offline mediums. The learner can choose the medium that suits them and gets trained without any hassle. Training at Freelancers Academy under the digital marketing course in Thane is completely student-oriented and this is the reason we make sure to provide assistance to the learner at every stage. When you enroll in digital marketing course in Thane with us, you do not just get a certificate after the completion of the course.

Digital Marketing Course in Thane Modules

Freelancers Academy offers online and offline courses in the following subjects of digital marketing through different course modules under the program- digital marketing course in Thane.

Seo- Digital Marketing Course in Thane


Our course on SEO or search engine marketing is designed to give you complete knowledge about the tools and methods that improve the ranking of a website in search engine result pages. SEO is the foundation of internet marketing and requires specific skill-set which we provide to our learners through our SEO course.
SEM Digital Marketing Course in Thane


Freelancers Academy’s course on SEM or search engine marketing is about teaching the paid methods that enhance the ranking of a website in search engine result pages. The digital marketing course in Thane teaches you about PPC and other methods that bring more traffic to a website and increase its visibility on the search engines.
WordPress- Digital Marketing Course in Thane


The most-used content management system (CMS), WordPress is used extensively across the world and our course on the CMS teaches you about the various aspects of WordPress. From the working of the CMS to its technical details like codes, framework, and the like, our course covers every topic that falls under the umbrella of WordPress.
social media course in navi mumbai

SMO Course

Social media optimizationhas gained a lot of importance due to the outreach and impact of social media platforms. It is the practice of creating and sharing content in various forms on social media to enhance the value of a brand or business. It is a well thought-out and planned marketing strategy and our course on the subject acquaints you with the tools and tricks that help you implement the same. Freelancers Academy’s digital marketing course in Thane has a complete course on SMO to teach you all that you need to learn.
Display Ads- Digital Marketing Course in Thane

Display Advertising

Advertising on websites is done in the form of banner, buttons, videos and images. It is a detailed process which requires creativity, expertise and domain knowledge. Freelancers Academy’s course on the subject teaches you everything about display advertising so that you are able to create ads suited to the different business segments.
Digital Marketing Course in Thane Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Pertaining to analysis of data and user behavior, the Google Analytics course acquaints you with the usage of the Google tool. It teaches you about the techniques and methods to evaluate and interpret the data. It is in huge demand these days given the rising volume of data generated on social media and internet. A digital marketing training course in Thane equips you to build a sound career in the field.
ORM Digital Marketing Course in Thane


Online reputation management aka ORM is a specialized sub-domain of digital marketing that is concerned with branding and promotion. It is geared towards improving the image of the brand by turning the online conversation and communication in the favor of the brand. Freelancers Academy trains you with the knowledge and skills to achieve the same.
Mobile Marketing- Digital Marketing Course in Thane

Mobile Marketing

Smartphones are separate marketing platforms that need specific domain knowledge to capture the interest and attention of audience. Mobile marketing deals with apps, SMS, MMS, email, social media and other tools. At Freelancers Academy, we offer training in the subject through up-to-date study material and experts so that you get the best coaching.
Content Marketing Digital Marketing Course in Thane

Content Marketing

Content is king and plays a key role in enhancing the brand value. However, it is not just enough to create good content, it also needs to be marketed on the right platforms and content marketing is about the same. It involves the usage and sharing of appropriate content on specific platforms to attract the interest of the audience. Freelancers Academy’s digital marketing training course in Thane teaches you the techniques to share content in the right manner on the right platforms.

Best Trainers offering Best Digital Marketing Course in Thane

Freelancers Academy is not a top-rated digital marketing institute in Thane without reason. Our faculty is among the best in town as we have brought together the most experienced and skilled trainers to teach our students. The faculty members have been shortlisted after an intensive test and thus, you can be sure of finding the sharpest and most competent minds. These trainers have the right mix of experience and knowledge to train students who want a perfect digital marketing training course in Thane. But most importantly, they are passionate about what they do. So, as a student, you will not just get training but mentorship of the highest order that will keep you on track as long as you stay in touch with the academy. Our trainers assist you at every learning step and you can learn at your own pace in the manner that you desire. Hence, if you are looking for a one-stop digital marketing training in Thane under the best teachers then Freelancers Academy is the place to sign up for a course.

Why choose our digital marketing course?

If you go around looking for digital marketing course in Thane you will find the name of Freelancers Academy among the top institutes offering the course in the area. Our digital marketing training course in Thane has all the ingredients that are needed to make a successful career in digital marketing. No matter which domain you choose to enroll in, you will find the best study material along with the best trainers who will teach you the nitty-gritty of the subject matter in the most easygoing manner. You can go for online classes or offline classes as you wish. Most importantly, you will get hands-on training at our in-house digital agency which is the key factor that sets our course apart from others. You get access to clients’ dashboards while training with us and it acts as a great booster for your CV as well as confidence. So, if you want a digital marketing training course in Thane at the best digital marketing institute in Thane where you find the best in theory and practical then our course is what is you should undertake.

Professional Digital Marketing course for every field

Digital marketing is a career field that is being touted as the gamechanger. It offers the highest growth curve and this is the reason many professionals and students want to make a career in this promising field. The good news is anyone with an interest in the domain can hope to make a career in it. There are various roles and profiles that need qualified professionals and companies are looking for skilled people to fill these roles. In fact, there is unlimited scope for freelancers and entrepreneurs who are looking to start ventures of their own. Being globalized in nature, it gives you a vast client pool where you can work for anyone sitting anywhere in the world.

Freelancers Academy, a well-known digital marketing institute in Thane brings a comprehensive digital marketing training course in Thane that will give you the certification to take the plunge in this ocean of opportunities. After finishing our course, you will be in possession of the requisite skills to start your career. You can choose a subject as per your interest and aptitude and after the training, you can get going with your career. A certificate will only add to your CV and the learning that you receive at our premiere digital marketing institute in Thane will come handy as you go about working on the projects. So, check out the demo class, sign up for a course and grab the opportunities with both hands.

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