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Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in Indira Nagar

Nailing the right digital marketing course is key to scoring big in the ever-changing world of online marketing. If your goal is to join a digital marketing agency, remember, not many of them offer in-house courses. So, when you’re making your choice, take into account stuff like what they’ll be teaching you, how clued-up the instructors are, if the course keeps up with current industry trends, and if it includes some hands-on experience.

Here are 5 digital marketing courses in IndiraNagar that hit the mark. These have been picked based on how in-depth they go into the material, the quality of their internship program, how knowledgeable the instructors are, and what past students have said in their reviews and testimonials. Take a look at the ranking table and make your choice based on the details.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Bangalore:

Once you finish a digital marketing course in Bangalore, the opportunities are vast. Known as India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore’s got a booming digital scene with loads of roles in SEO, social media marketing, content creation, and more. With its mix of fresh startups and well-settled companies, Bangalore’s the real deal for digital marketing professionals to thrive and make it big.


Digital Marketing Jobs and Career Growth in Bangalore 

The digital marketing job scene in Bangalore is seriously taking off, and there’s high demand for folks who’ve got the skills. After earning your stripes, you can explore opportunities at digital marketing agencies, e-commerce enterprises, and tech bigwigs. There’s a solid track for career growth with chances to get specialized and land leadership gigs, making Bangalore a pretty cool spot for digital marketers.

Looking at the growth rates, digital marketing’s expected to climb 9% yearly from 2020-2026. Digital display is projected to surge at a 15.5% annual rate, whereas search is set to push up at 12.2%. And here’s the best part- search makes up a whopping 40.9% of the global digital advertising and marketing market!


Factors to Consider Before Selecting a Digital Marketing Course:

  • Relevant Course: Make sure your course stays updated with the latest digital marketing trends and tools.
  • Experience in the Field: Look for courses that come with real-world projects and tie-ups with the industry.
  • Know-Your-Teacher: Check out the instructors’ background in the industry and their ability to share practical knowledge.
  • Certificates: Look if the course gives legit certificates to bump up your street cred.
  • Job Support: Go for programs that can help you with job placement help or internships.
  • Feedback: Look up what previous students have to say to get a feel of how effective the course is.
  • Cost-Benefit: Weigh the course cost against the skills and knowledge you will gain for a clear win.
  • Real-deal Experience: Make sure you’re learning from folks who’ve actually worked in the industry or agencies.

What Job can you get after a Digital Marketing Course ?

Digital Marketing Manager:
Your job will be to create digital marketing strategies, handle campaigns, and poke around performance metrics.

SEO Specialist:
Your main gig is to boost a website’s visibility on search engines. This includes keyword optimization, creating content, and building links.

Social Media Manager:
In this role, you’ll run social media accounts, create content that draws people in, and interact with the audience to boost the brand and get folks talking.

Content Marketer:
Here, you’ll brain storm and carry out content strategies across different channels like blogs, videos, and social media, all to pull in and engage your target audience.

PPC Specialist:
Your role here is to manage pay-per-click ads campaigns, fine-tuning them to get the max bang for your buck.


Digital Marketing Institutes Fees in Indira Nagar

Institute Fees
Freelancers Academy Rs.50,000/- 
Digital Academy 360 Rs.60,000/-
Web Marketing Academy  Rs.49,000/- + GST
Digital Kora Rs.18,000/-
Besanttechnologies Rs.15,000/-
Digi Perform Rs.58,750/-
Mohit’s SEO Training Rs.10,999/-


List of Top 7 Digital Marketing Course in Indira Nagar

#1 Freelancers Academy

At Freelancers Academy, we’re all about making a difference for you.

Freelancers Academy’s digital marketing courses are designed to give you the skills and confidence you need to succeed in the field—and help you get hired. We understand that digital marketing is a rapidly-changing industry, so they make sure our curriculum is always up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.

And because they know that learning by doing is the best way to learn something new, we’ve partnered with some of India’s leading companies to create an experience that combines classroom instruction with real work experience on live projects.

They’ve been recognized as the best institute for digital marketing courses in Bangalore, Mumbai, Andheri, Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Pune because we care about what our students need—and we make it happen!

Why is Freelancers Academy unique ?

When you join Freelancers Academy, you’re not just learning the same old mundane things – you’re learning from the best.

Our in-house agency is staffed by industry experts who have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. At Freelancers Academy, we don’t just teach you what you need to know to succeed in this field – we even help you with:

  • Taught by industry-leading experts
  • 100% hands-on training with real-time projects
  • The only Bangalore institute to offer advanced digital marketing tools
  • Placements in top digital marketing companies in Bangalore
  • Post-training support to ensure your success
  • Small class sizes for personalized attention
  • Flexible weekday and weekend batches

About Freelancers Academy

Key Course Features

  • Hours of Training – 72+ hours
  • No of Certificate – 11+ Certificates
  • Attend online or offline classes as per your convenienc
  • Easily access and review the recorded session at any time
  • Hands-on experience with live projects (from in house agency)
  • Internship after the completion of your course
  • Agency-based learning approach
  • Work on live projects with real clients – BMW, Anmol Jewellers, Esdec, Ace Tattoz, HICARE
  • Online access to training material, videos and presentations
  • 100% Job placement assistance that will lead you to your dream job!

About the trainers

Freelancers Academy prides itself on a varied team of dedicated trainers, each laden with years of invaluable experience. These trainers not just have firsthand experience working with industry leaders but also are adept at guiding others towards career success. 

This invaluable combo of extensive exposure and industry-acquired knowledge makes Freelancers Academy the go-to institute for digital marketing courses in Bangalore.

Placement after the digital marketing course

Post successful course completion, you’ll gain access to advanced training and a valid certification at a modest fee. That’s not all; we also guarantee 100% placement support! Our training modules have been curated specifically to meet universal industry needs, guided by trainers who carry over a decade of Digital Marketing expertise. Our unique course modules are intentionally designed to align with international industry benchmarks, delivered by trainers rich with ten-plus years of Digital Marketing experience.

We ensure learning never feels dull within our interactive, instructor-guided sessions in Bangalore’s smart classrooms.
To accommodate the busy aspect of life, we provide flexible batch timings for our digital marketing coursework. Choose between weekend or weekday scheduling at Freelancers Academy, Bangalore.

Testimonial videos


No.806 Souravya, 10th A Main Rd, Street, opposite IndiQube, Indira Nagar 1st Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

2. Digital Academy 360

Digital Academy 360 is a great spot located in Indiranagar. It offers detailed digital marketing courses for a cost of 60,000/-. They specialize in Digital Marketing Leadership and AI and provide a 9-month course, a mix of online and in-class sessions. After finishing, you’ll get a Masters Level Certification and 25 more courses all wrapped up into one package.

Course Highlights:

  • 25 Courses in 1 Program
  • 30+ Case Studies
  • Hands-on Experience with 80+ Tools
  • 20+ Experiential Projects

Course Syllabus:

  • Digital Marketing Leadership & AI
  • PG Certification Program in Digital Marketing & Analytics
  • Skill Diploma Program in Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking


3. Web Marketing Academy

Web Marketing Academy (WMA), based in Bangalore, is a top place for learning digital marketing. Their main course, named the Modern Digital Marketing Certificate Course, costs 49,000/- plus GST. This course is perfect for folks working in marketing, newcomers, students, and people starting their own business who want to get better at using digital and social media.

Course Highlights: 

  • One-on-one classroom training
  • Practical assignments and live projects
  • Effective digital marketing strategy planning
  • Experience with website designing, content creation, and SEO techniques.

Course Syllabus:

  • Concepts of Digital Marketing
  • Website Planning and Designing
  • Content Creation and Analysis
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Adsense
  • SEO Fundamentals and Advanced Techniques
  • Voice Search Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Advanced SEO and Technical SEO


4.  Digital Kora

Web Marketing Academy (WMA), situated in Bangalore, is one of the best places to learn digital marketing. They have a prime course called the Modern Digital Marketing Certificate Course that will cost you 49,000/- plus GST. It’s ideal for people already in marketing jobs, newbies, students, and folks who are setting up their own business and want to improve their game in digital and social media.

Course Highlights:

  • 100% Placement assistance
  • 8 years of industry experience
  • Over 5000 successful students
  • Multiple branches across Bangalore

Course Syllabus:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Online Earning Methods


5. Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies in Indiranagar is a well-respected learning center that provides a digital marketing course for 15,000/-. Their certificates are well-recognized and hold a good value when looking for a job. They don’t just cover theory, but also give hands-on practice for fresh starters and employed folks at companies.

Course highlights:

  • 30+ hours of course durations
  • 100% job-oriented training 
  • Industry expert as trainers
  • Free demo class available
  • 800+ batches completed
  • Certification guidance provided

Course syllabus:

  • Search Engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Pay  per click advertising (PPC)
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics


6. Digi Perform

Digiperform is a top-notch place to learn digital marketing. They provide many broad courses for people who want to take their digital marketing career to the next level. With more than 45 months of hands-on training under their belt and over 36000 people placed in jobs, Digiperform is considered one of the most trusted names for digital learning in Asia.

Course Highlights:

  • Most Trusted Brand in Digital Education
  • Highly-interactive LMS with videos, quizzes, and assignments
  • In-depth program with 50 modules and 321 learning hours
  • Theory, live practicals, and implementation approach
  • Job assistance and placements with top brands

Course Syllabus:

  • Digital Marketing Foundation Course (2 Months)
  • Digital Marketing Specialist Course (3 Months)
  • Digital Marketing Master Course (4-5 Months)
  • Digital Marketing Professional Course (6 Months)
  • Digi Hero (1 Year) – Annual Program


7. Mohit’s SEO Training

Mohit’s SEO Training is a top-notch place in Indiranagar that teaches advanced digital marketing in person. Their courses start at 10,999/- and are great for newcomers who want to understand Google Ads inside and out. They also offer one-on-one teaching and practical experience, helping you to really get the hang of all parts of the course.

Course Highlights:

  • Personalized coaching and hands-on training
  • Master the art of selecting the right keywords
  • Enhance visibility and target specific demographics
  • Monitor the effectiveness of ads through comprehensive analytics

Course Syllabus:

  • Introduction to Google Ads
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Creating effective ad campaigns
  • Ad targeting and audience segmentation
  • Monitoring and optimizing ad performance

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Which is the best digital marketing course available in Bangalore?
Freelancers Academy provides the best digital marketing course in Bangalore which freshers or any working professional can enroll in.
2. How much do these courses generally cost?
Prices range from around 70,000 INR to 1 Lakh for advanced courses. However Freelancers Academy academy offers the same course and syllabus at a nominal price.

3. Are there beginner-level courses in digital marketing?
Absolutely! Beginner-friendly courses are available for those new to the field; these are geared toward students, early-career professionals, and entrepreneurs.

4. Do digital marketing courses cover industry-specific tools like Google Ads and SEO?
Yes, most digital marketing programs in Bangalore cover important topics like Google Ads, SEO, and social media strategies, among others.
5. What are the employment prospects after completing a course from these institutes?
Several institutes have strong track records of placement; for instance, Digiperform boasts 36,000+ successful placements.

6. Is there a practical component to these courses?
Yes, many institutes like Mohit’s SEO Training offer hands-on experience to ensure learners can apply their knowledge in real-world settings.
7. Are these courses conducted in-person or online?
It varies by institute. While some provide mixed-format or exclusively online courses, others offer only face-to-face learning.
8. Are the certificates provided by these institutes recognized in the job market?
Yes, certificates from reputed places like Besant Technologies and Web Marketing Academy are recognized and valued among employers.

9. Are there any advanced courses available for those already experienced in digital marketing?
An Institute like Freelancers Academy offesr advanced digital marketing courses for those looking to enhance their skills further.

10. How do these courses compare to those offered in other parts of India?
Bangalore is one of the leading cities for digital marketing education in India, largely comparable to courses offered in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune. However, always consider factors such as curriculum, trainers’ experience, hands-on opportunities, and placement records when choosing a course.

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