Nikhil Bhanushali started as a freelancer tattoo artist from Mumbai who wanted to learn Digital Marketing in order to take his passion online. He knew that there was no better platform than digital marketing to show case his work and connect with his customers on social platforms. As a small business owner, he took the Digital Marketing Course from freelancers to learn the nuances & strategies of digital marketing in order to promote his business online. He is now the owner as well as digital marketer for his 2 tattoo studios in Mumbai with high-profile celebrity clientele. His Ace Tattooz and art studios are considered as one of the best in Mumbai with now branching out to new services like permanent and semi-permanent make up as well. Lets hear from him about his journey so far

Q1) why did you choose digital marketing?
Marketing your business online digitally is the most efficient channel today. With learning to promote my business on Social Media on my mind I enrolled for this course.

Q2) what is your educational background?
I have done my Diploma in Business Management from Welinkars

Q3) how did you come across freelancers academy and made you choose it?
I came across freelancers academy online while researching for digital marketing courses. I found them very professional and informative with industry expert faculty.

Q4) how was your overall experience in freelancer’s academy?
Amazing! Could not have asked for more. It was a great learning experience with a practical approach. I practically applied all that I learned from the course for my business’ growth online

Q5) what are the struggle you faced while progressing through the course?
Nothing! I believe if u have the will to learn this is just the right place to learn digital marketing & get hands on experience as you learn.