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Top 10 UX UI Courses in South Mumbai with Fees and Placements

Are you looking for UX UI Courses in South Mumbai? In the past, careers in engineering or medicine were the preferred choices for many individuals. However, there has been a significant shift in people’s mindsets, opening up ample opportunities in various fields. Today, we introduce you to leading UI/UX institutes in South Mumbai, where the field of design is gaining prominence. While there are numerous courses available in the design industry, the demand for courses in Digital Experience Design is increasing in South Mumbai due to its vast scope.

Our UI/UX course learning platform is designed to prepare you for a career in user experience design. Through this course, you will learn the fundamentals of working as a freelancer for design teams, along with essential skills such as pitching ideas and selling your services. We will guide you on focusing your skills in areas like mobility or user research, as well as showcasing the value of approaches such as human-centered design principles. The aim of our UX UI Courses in South Mumbai is to teach you the fundamentals of UI and UX design, guiding you through the entire process of creating a beautiful and user-friendly interface in no time.

UX Design involves discovering products, primarily apps and websites, that are easy to use, beneficial for end-users, and visually appealing. It entails understanding the needs of target users, how they interact with information, and navigate through designs. The reason there is a high demand for UX designers in South Mumbai is that many graphic designers do not fully grasp the complexity of UX design. It is essential for people to learn UI/UX courses in South Mumbai to understand that it encompasses more than just visuals.

Our UX UI Courses in South Mumbai takes a design-centric approach to user interface and user experience design, providing practical, skill-based instruction. While UI and UX design are often mentioned together, they represent different aspects. UI (User Interface) refers to the space where interactions between humans and machines occur, while UX (User Experience) encompasses a person’s emotions and attitudes towards a particular product, system, or service. UI/UX design covers graphical user interfaces as well as other forms such as voice-controlled interfaces.

Having a solid understanding of computer science is a valuable starting point for designing interfaces that solve problems and are user-friendly. In addition to visual appeal, UI/UX designers consider factors such as logic, transitions, usability, accessibility, emotional appeal, aesthetic appeal, and data display when creating a positive user experience. While programming presents its own challenges, a UI/UX designer is not a developer. They approach the same product from multiple perspectives, similar to how a writer, editor, and publisher may approach a book. With confidence, we can say that even without programming knowledge or a background, you can still become a competent and successful UI/UX designer for mobile and web platforms.
Now, let’s explore the key skills of a UI/UX designer.

The roles and responsibilities of UI/UX designers can vary greatly. Many professionals in this field have backgrounds in other industries, bringing transferrable skills such as graphic design, software development, or digital marketing to their work. Although their educational backgrounds can differ, having a foundation in graphic or online design can be advantageous. Technical skills such as UX research, wireframing and prototyping, interaction design, visual communication, and information architecture are essential for UI/UX designers.

To excel in this field, a UI/UX designer must be able to empathize with users and understand their perspectives, creating designs that are intuitive and seamless. The design process often involves overcoming challenges, and a proficient designer must possess creative problem-solving abilities. Thinking critically and outside the box is crucial for finding optimal solutions that meet users’ needs. Conducting user research, analyzing data, and using it to inform design decisions are key aspects of a UI/UX designer’s role.

While educational background is considered, hiring managers often prioritize soft skills when selecting UI/UX designers. Exceptional communication skills, curiosity, adaptability, and empathy towards users are qualities that distinguish a great designer from an average one. In this people-focused field, these soft skills play a significant role in creating exceptional user experiences.

In today’s digital age, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design have become crucial for creating successful products and websites. With the increasing demand for UX/UI professionals, it is important to choose the right course that provides comprehensive training and hands-on experience. In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 UX UI Courses in South Mumbai, along with their fees and placement opportunities.

1. Freelancers Academy UI/UX Design Course

Name Freelancers Academy
Duration  2 months
Contact No 9819607019
Fees 50,000/-
Location South Mumbai
Batch Weekdays and Weekends
Internship  Provided
EMI Facility Available

To learn more about our UI UX course in south Mumbai. you can visit our website

2. Designers Academy UX/UI from Scratch

Name Designers Academy UX/UI
Duration  13 weeks
Contact No NA
Fees Not disclosed
Location South Mumbai
Batch NA
Internship  Provided
EMI Facility Available

Designers Academy offers a course in UX/UI design for beginners. The curriculum covers the fundamentals of user experience and user interface design, along with hands-on training in tools like Sketch and InVision. With a focus on building a strong design portfolio, this course provides a solid foundation for aspiring UX/UI designers.


3. Frameboxx 20 Expert Program in Web UI/UX Design

Name Frameboxx 20 Expert Program
Duration  7 months
Contact No +919297769776/ +912266753203
Fees 85,000/-
Location Andheri (West)
Batch NA
Internship  Provided
EMI Facility Available

Frameboxx offers a comprehensive program in web UI/UX design for learners interested in web design and development. The curriculum covers topics like user experience design, responsive web design, and front-end development. With a combination of theory and hands-on training, this program equips learners with the necessary skills to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites.


4. EDIT Diploma in UX/UI Design

Name EDIT Diploma 
Duration  14 Months 2 Weeks 6 Days
Contact No +91 8433935124
Fees 20,000/-  Per Month
Location Charni Road
Batch Regular Classroom Program
Internship  Yes
EMI Facility Part Payment Available

EDIT offers a diploma course in UX/UI design that covers essential concepts and practical skills. The curriculum includes topics like user interface design, human-computer interaction, and design thinking. With a focus on real-world projects and industry-relevant skills, this course prepares learners for a successful career in UX/UI design.


5. Madrid Software Certificate Course in UI/UX Design

Name Madrid Software 
Duration  6 Months
Contact No +91 9560785589
Fees 59,000/-
Location South Mumbai
Batch Weekdays and Weekend Batch
Internship  Provided
EMI Facility Available

Madrid Software offers a certificate course in UI/UX design that focuses on industry-standard tools and techniques. The curriculum covers topics such as user research, information architecture, and visual design. Learners get hands-on training with software like Adobe XD, Sketch, and InVision, allowing them to gain practical skills in designing user-centered interfaces.

6. Dice Academy Complete UX/UI Design Course

Name Dice Academy
Duration  10 months
Contact No 9508222111
Fees 77,000/-
Location Parel (Mumbai)
Batch Online course with Live Sessions
Internship  Yes
EMI Facility Available

Dice Academy offers a comprehensive UX/UI design course that covers key concepts and techniques. The curriculum includes topics like design thinking, wireframing, prototyping, and interaction design. With a strong practical component and industry-relevant projects, the course equips learners with the necessary skills for a successful career in UX/UI design.


7. NIFT Mumbai Continuing Education Program in UI/UX Design

Name NIFT Mumbai Continuing Education 
Duration  3 Months
Contact No 9889647435
Fees 41,300/-
Location Kharghar
Batch Weekdays and Weekend
Internship  Yes
EMI Facility Available

NIFT Mumbai, known for its design courses, offers a short-term Continuing Education Program in UI/UX Design. The program focuses on improving user experience and user interface design, tailored for fashion and lifestyle professionals. With a special emphasis on mobile application design and website development, this course provides valuable skills to enhance the overall user experience.


8. IIEDM Certification UI/UX Design Course

Duration  3-4 Months
Contact No +91 7738244304
Fees 47,200/-
Location South Mumbai
Batch Offline Course
Internship  Yes
EMI Facility Available

IIEDM, an award-winning educational institute in Mumbai, offers a certificate course in UI/UX design. The course focuses on establishing a strong design foundation through topics like human-centered design, user research, and ideation. Learners also gain practical skills in visual design through hands-on training with popular software like Figma, Sketch, and Invision. IIEDM provides 100% placement assistance to its students.


9. Intellipaat UI/UX Design Course Co-Developed with EICT IIT Guwahati

Name Intellipaat UI/UX Design
Duration  4.5 Months
Contact No +91-7022374614 
Fees 1,00,035/-
Location South Mumbai
Batch Weekend 
Internship  Yes
EMI Facility Available

Intellipaat, in partnership with EICT-IIT Guwahati, offers a comprehensive UI/UX design course. The curriculum covers various aspects of UI/UX design, including guerilla testing, animation, wireframing, and prototyping. The course takes a hands-on approach with 20 industry projects and case studies, providing learners with practical skills. Intellipaat also offers job assistance to the students.


10. AND Academy Certificate, Diploma, and PG Diploma in UX/UI Design

Name AND Academy 
  • Certificate in UX UI Design – 18 weeks (part-time)
  • Diploma in UX UI Design – 34 weeks (part-time)
  • PG Diploma in UX UI Design – 1 year (part-time)
  • Diploma in UI Design – 34 weeks (part-time)
Contact No +91 9289281414/ +91 114138 0000
  • Certificate in UX UI Design – INR 56,000 + GST (EMI starting at INR 8,075 per month)
  • Diploma in UX UI Design – INR 96,000 + GST (EMI starting at INR 7,170 per month)
  • PG Diploma in UX UI Design – INR 1,44,000 + GST (EMI starting at INR 8,463 per month)
  • Diploma in UI Design – INR 96,000 + GST (EMI starting at INR 7,170 per mon
Location South Mumbai
Batch Online
Internship  Provided
EMI Facility Available

AND Academy is a fast-growing upskilling platform that offers three specialization programs in UX/UI design. The courses range from foundational to advanced levels, catering to learners of all skill levels. The curriculum emphasizes practical skills through project work and hands-on learning. With a strong focus on portfolio-building and professional development training, AND Academy also provides job guarantee and full fee refund if learners are not placed in a relevant UX/UI role within 6 months of course completion.

Choosing the right UX UI Courses in South Mumbai is essential for aspiring UX/UI designers. The above-listed courses provide a range of options based on skill level, curriculum, and duration. It’s important to consider factors such as practical training, portfolio-building opportunities, and placement guarantees while making a decision. Invest in your professional development by enrolling in one of these top UX/UI courses and embark on a rewarding career in the ever-growing field of UX/UI design. 


Comprehensive UI UX Course Syllabus in South Mumbai

Merely understanding the concept of UI UX is not sufficient. It is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the course syllabus to ensure a thorough grasp of all the offerings. Below is a curated list of key topics covered in UI UX design courses, which are commonly included in the curriculum of various UX UI Courses in South Mumbai.

  1. Principles of UX Design
  2. The UX Design Ecosystem
  3. Proposal Preparation
  4. Project Approach
  5. Business Objectives
  6. User Research
  7. Content Strategy
  8. UX Design Principles
  9. Transitioning from Definition to Design
  10. Wireframing and Annotating
  11. Design to Development Process
  12. Flexible Content Strategies
  13. Sitemaps and Flow Tasks
  14. Designing a User Testing Strategy
  15. Prototyping Models


What will you gain from UI UX Training Institutes in South Mumbai?

In a world where technology plays an increasingly central role in our daily lives, it is vital to prioritize UX and UI aspects. UX UI Courses in South Mumbai will help you understand the needs of users and businesses. By becoming familiar with human behavior trends, you can deliver designs that meet clients’ expectations, making it a unique selling point of your skills. Moreover, these institutes provide opportunities to work in teams, facilitating communication with diverse individuals. 

Core values like teamwork, idea exchange, and effective collaboration are instilled in students during their time at these institutes. When clients experience positive results from your designs, they are more likely to continue using your services and recommend you to others.


Who can enroll in UX UI Courses in South Mumbai?

In South Mumbai, there are several UI UX institutes that offer excellent courses to help you secure your dream job. There are no specific criteria for enrolling in these courses; all you need is a passion for design and a willingness to learn. UX is about understanding people, not just coding. Individuals who have completed their 10+2 education and are interested in the field of design can enroll. The minimum age requirement is 16 years. after applying for UX UI Courses in South Mumbai  While there is no fixed pathway to becoming a UI UX designer or landing your first job in the industry, most employers value candidates who have completed industry-recognized introductory UI UX courses in South Mumbai. If you aspire to pursue a career in UI UX, now is a great time, as many companies and digital marketing agencies are actively seeking skilled professionals and offering competitive remuneration.


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