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    What makes us the Best SEO training institute offering SEO training course in Navi Mumbai is that we believe in a two-way traffic at Freelancers Academy. We share our wealth of knowledge through discussions carried out by one of the best SEO Experts. Our Faculty are proven experts in their fields. Freelancers Academy believes in providing hands-on experience on live projects for Search Engine Optimization course.
    We at Freelancers Academy are one of the best SEO training course institute available in Navi Mumbai. We offer Best Digital Marketing courses in Navi Mumbai, Thane, South Mumbai. We cover all the aspects of Search Engine Optimization. We give students access to the live dashboard of clients that we work for, which gives them a competitive edge over the other SEO training course institutes that offer SEO courses. Apart from SEO we also offer other digital marketing courses such as SEM, SMO, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Mobile marketing and Word press.
    SEO or search engine marketing is a marketing technique that aims to increase the visibility of a website in organic search results. It increases the traffic of a website and thus, boosts its search engine ranking. It is considered to be the foundation of every internet marketing campaign and this is why it is an important domain of digital marketing which is buzzing with job opportunities. However, it is a specialized field which requires specialized knowledge and skills.
    To become a successful SEO professional, you need to possess the necessary SEO skills and if you are looking for a professional SEO course in Navi Mumbai then we have the solution.
    Freelancers Academy, rated among the best SEO training course institute in Navi Mumbai, provides an up-to-date and exhaustive course in SEO. It is a validated and competent certification course and if you are looking to do an SEO course from a professional SEO training institute in Navi Mumbai then feel free to join us. Enroll in our free SEO demo class and see for yourself the fine training that our experts provide in this fundamental field of digital marketing.
    Our SEO course in Navi Mumbai, Vashi, Thane and Andheri is a complete training program where you get the best of lectures, study material, doubt clearance sessions and practical. You can opt for this course in the online or offline (classroom) medium as per your preference but you can be sure of getting equal career benefits from both the mediums. Our course covers the A to Z of SEO, beginning from the basics to the in-trend local and mobile SEO.
    Ours is the finest SEO training course in Navi Mumbai because you get to test your learning on live projects at our in-house digital agency- Anuvaa. Freelancers Academy is one of its kind digital marketing institute in Navi Mumbai to have its own digital agency, which makes for a great learning pitch for students looking to do SEO course in Navi Mumbai.
    We understand the importance of project training in a professional course like SEO and give you a golden opportunity to work on diverse projects where you can implement the concepts you have learnt in the course. You are also monitored during the projects by the course experts to help you get complete command over the subject. They clear all your doubts and queries, ensuring wholesome learning at all junctures.
    The digital agency’s hands-on training, apart from being a wonderful internship opportunity, also offers to be a great launching pad for your freelancing career. The client exposure helps you build your network which you can utilize to bag projects after you have finished the SEO course in Navi Mumbai. Our comprehensive course will kick-start your career and give you the confidence to start on your own self-driven freelancing career in SEO or help you to bag your dream job. A career in the field of SEO has a lot to offer and our SEO training course in Navi Mumbai, Vashi is suitable for newbies as well as professionals who want to learn and upgrade their SEO skills. The SEO course certification from Freelancers Academy is truly what you need to make a fulfilling career.

    Seo course in navi mumbai


    • Keywords optimization and Internal linking
    • Meta tag creation
    • Top seo tools – what is link juice Proper url structures
    • Sitemap creation and submission
    • Optimized titles and descriptions
    • Text formatting (use of h1,h2,bold etc)
    • Fast loading pages
    • What is difference between keywords stuffing &
    • keywords placements
    • Image optimization (image size, proper image names, use of alt tag)
    • Link Building
    • Social Media Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin , etc
    • Social bookmarking
    • Content
    • Article Submission
    • Video Submission


    SEO or search engine optimization is an online marketing technique that aims to optimize a website for the search engines and increase its ranking in search engine results. It is implemented to increase the traffic of a website and plays a very crucial role in establishing a business through its website. It involves a variety of tools and techniques which are employed by SEO specialists to achieve the high ranking.

    SEO skills are a must if you want to become SEO specialist and to teach you the same, Freelancers Academy brings for you best Digital Marketing courses in Mumbai that will give you the best platform to learn the skills and utilize them in your job. Our SEO training course in Navi Mumbai has been designed by experts from the digital marketing industry who have earned their skills, over the years working in the arena.

    This is why we are the best SEO training institute in Navi Mumbai and you must sign up for a professional SEO training course with us to cover the whole SEO spectrum.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results – often referred to as “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results. There are various benefits of Search Engine such as increased traffic, cost-effective as compared to PPC, better ROI ( return on investment), increased site usability, Increases brand awareness. Our experienced Industry trainers of Seo course in Navi Mumbai would help you understand these SEO Concepts. To get more details on SEO download this – PPT on SEO. We provide the best SEO course in Navi Mumbai, Vashi.

    SEO has been a part of internet marketing ever since the latter began to take shape and it still remains as relevant as it used to be. Search engines are still the most-used resources for people if they want to search anything on the internet and thus, businesses stand to gain if they have a high-ranking website. Our SEO course in Navi Mumbai will train you to gain a high ranking that will easily attract more visitors and customers, ultimately leading to better performance and more profits for the business. It gives a competitive edge to the business.

    The search engine optimization is a tool that takes time to come into effect and hence proper SEO strategies should be implemented. It is important to have patience to give your website the required exposure. Our SEO course in Navi Mumbai helps to reach the audience from all over the world whether your business is merely online or needs an online setup. SEO helps to improve the search engine rankings of any website. This happens because search engine takes all the data from these social media websites and bases their rankings accordingly. SEO course in Navi Mumbai will help you to know about the various techniques and marketing tactics in order to market the product and service online by finding the appropriate keywords. In this competitive industry updating the content on regular basis is important to create a unique identity for your website.

    At F.A, our SEO course in Navi Mumbai, we teach you Good SEO practices that increase the popularity of a website by improving visibility on search engines and also the user experience. This is the reason no business can ignore SEO and thus SEO course in Navi Mumbai, Vashi is in huge demand as all businesses, small or big, want their site to be top-ranked and user-friendly. So, just sign up for Freelancer Academy’s SEO course in Navi Mumbai and get set for a great career with the flourishing opportunities.

    There are numerous benefits of doing your SEO Course in Navi Mumbai at Freelancers Academy. We at Freelancers Academy help our students gain practical knowledge by making them work on live projects. This ensures that our students can take up any SEO projects and execute them successfully. It helps to open various work avenues such as freelancing, working for best of digital companies or even working for your own business.

    Our expert faculty teaches you the dynamic SEO course in Navi Mumbai for consistent and permanent results. SEO has the power to take any business to the next level and enhance its credibility in incredible ways. This is the reason our SEO course in Navi Mumbai, Vashi are so popular. Professionals want to acquire SEO skills to make a career in this field and therefore, Freelancers Academy has designed a comprehensive SEO course in Navi Mumbai to meet the needs of SEO aspirants which anyone can enrol in to fulfil their career dreams. To figure out which Institute in Navi Mumbai, ThaneMumbai and Andheri is suitable for you, Click on the city links. 


    SEO training course is based on years of experience and search engine optimization projects implemented for various customers and clients in the industry.


    After completing the SEO course from the institute, students would be able to devise an effective SEO strategy for any organization.


    Once you gain information on how search engines crawl sites and rank website you can start freelancing and make a carrer out of it.

    Self Employed

    You can start using the Seo hacks and techniques for the digital presence of your business learnt from the course.


    Freelancers Academy is not your usual training academy. What makes us the best Search engine optimisation institute in Navi Mumbai offering Search engine optimisation course is that we incorporate latest digital marketing techniques and ensure that you start earning from home, as part-time income or as freelancing.

    Today there are millions of jobs online as long as you have the inclination you too could start making money online.Freelancers Academy will show you how


    Depending on your current skill levels and flair, we will put you in one of these skill buckets and help you get freelancing income. Seo & Sem / Social Media / Mobile App Development/Web Designing / Web Programming / Web Copywrititng.


    We offer flexible formats of training online and classroom supported by comprehensive courseware. Learn from home and also start earning from home! Our faculty will help you step up your skills.


    We have the relationships to help you start getting long-term freelancing jobs from a wide range of opportunities – domestic and international. You can start earning 3-4 weeks after you enroll with us.


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    Why Choose F.A SEO Training Institute in Navi Mumbai, Vashi?

    The importance of F.A’s SEO course in Navi Mumbai stems from the multiple benefits it brings to a business. It is not just about high ranking in search engine results which is undoubtedly a huge benefit. SEO is a guaranteed technique to increase traffic and turns out to be pretty cost-effective. It offers a great return on investment as a fair percentage of the visitors convert into sales. SEO is something that every business takes seriously and to stay in the competition, a business cannot turn a blind eye to what its competitors are doing.


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