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What makes us the best Content Marketing institute in Navi Mumbai is that we believe in a two way traffic at Freelancers academy. We share our wealth of knowledge through discussions carried out by one of the best Content Marketing Experts. Our Faculty are proven experts in their fields. Freelancers Academy believes in providing hands on experience on live projects.

We at Freelancers Academy are one of the best Content Marketing institute available in Navi Mumbai. We cover all the aspects of Content Marketing. We give access to live dashboard of clients that we work for which gives them a competitive edge over the others.

Content Marketing Course Syllabus

Content Marketing

Email Marketing
RSS to Email and Autoresponders
Search Engine Optimization
Website Analytics
Social Media – Tumblr, Google Plus, Twitter

Content Marketing Faculty

Shirish D.


Samrat D


Jaideep Bir

search engine optimization

Kiran Hota

Kiran Hota SEO Architect and Reasercher at

Vishal Gupta

social media marketing

Sudish Balan

seo marketing

Rohit onkar

social media

Sujay K


Mohd Altaf


Mithila K

google analytics

Student Testimonials

I can honestly say that I found the lectures inspiring and I am now trying to do everything I can to advance my own knowledge and digital marketing skill set. Thanks for the Inspiration.

Vishal Dave
Vishal Dave

The curriculum is the best and more over the trainers. I would strongly recommend this training for every marketer who is looking towards the digital space.

Priyanka Thakur
Priyanka Thakur

The course offerred at Freelancer’s Academy helped me gain a thorough understanding of Digital Marketing field. It also gave me the confidence to provide my clients with a complete through-the-line brand communications strategy.

Deepika Ganesh
Deepika Ganesh

What I like about this course is the fact that it was delivered by professionals actively working in the digital area and, from a personal perspective, it has been the ideal stepping stone to help switch career and move from sales into the exciting world of Digital Marketing.

Shreya Singhania
Shreya Singhania

Search engine optimization has gained huge popularity in the recent times. People usually tend to confuse the two words SEO and SMO, however, both of these are completely two different concepts. SEO is a process to influence the visibility of a web page on the search engine’s organic form.SEO targets image search, video search, and Academic search. The Internet is used as the most closet search tool when people are looking for something. There are 6 billion Google searches every day so this means that if your website is not ranking your target audience would go somewhere else. SEO ensures free traffic to your website.

A search engine optimization is a tool that takes time to come into effect and hence proper SEO strategies should be implemented. It is important to have patience to give your website the required exposure. SEO helps to reach the audience from all over the world whether your business is merely online or needs an online setup. SEO helps to improve the search engine rankings of any website. This happens because search engine takes all the data from these social media websites and bases their rankings accordingly. SEO helps you to know about the various techniques and marketing tactics in order to market the product and service online by finding the appropriate keywords. In this competitive industry updating the content on regular basis is important to create a unique identity for your website.

It is advantageous and important to learn about the SEO subject not only to help promote your own website but also can be chosen to create a career opportunity. The importance of SEO on the Internet has huge benefits in terms of financial gains. It is not important to do a job in some company after you are done your training course but instead, you can start your own SEO Company. This serves to help you earn good amount of money by working on the SEO projects mandated by various countries. You can even work as an SEO freelancer and earn good amount of money by providing the SEO services.

The freelancer’s academy makes sure that they help the students to understand the whole process of SEO in detail. They help the student to learn the managing and planning of various techniques in order to help the websites rank higher on search engine results page.
They help to guide the students to know about the relevant course material, about the demo classes and consultancy. The students are given a special student learning portal, through which they can appear online at any time and succeed in learning search engine optimization.


The training is based on years of experience and search engine optimization projects implemented for various customers and clients in the industry.


    After completing this course, students will clearly understand that what they should do to devise an effective SEO strategy for any organization.


    You will gain information as to how Google & other search engines operate & can begin with the process of getting your website to No.1 position in Google & earn good money.


    After this course, students can improve their SEO skills & make a robust career in Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Opportunities



Today there are millions of jobs online as long as you have the inclination you too could start making money online.Freelancers Academy will show you how


Depending on your current skill levels and flair, we will put you in one of these skill buckets and help you get freelancing income. Seo & Sem / Social Media / Mobile App Development/Web Designing / Web Programming / Web Copywrititng.


We offer flexible formats of training  online and classroom supported by comprehensive courseware. Learn from home and also start earning from home ! Our faculty are leading experts in this category and will help you step up your skills.


We have the relationships to help you start getting long-term freelancing jobs from a wide range of opportunities – domestic and international. You can start earning 3-4 weeks after you enroll with us.


Freelancers Academy is not your usual training academy. What makes us the best SEO institute in Navi mumbai is that we incorporate latest digital marketing techniques and ensure that you start earning from home, as part time income or as freelancing.


Frequently asked questions

What if I miss some of the classes? How can I cover the part of training I have missed?

You can attend the classes that you have missed in any of the upcoming batches. However, you need to inform us before the next batch starts so that we can reserve a seat for you.

I could not understand some of the topics , can I get training on those subjects again ?

Yes, you can take the training again in the upcoming batches without extra charges.

What is the Average salary for a digital marketing fresher

Rs5000 – rs x Amount

Do you provide Placement Assistance?

Sample Text

What is the Eligibility criteria required to do the course

12th pass with basic computer understanding and proficiency in internet surfing

What is the criteria to gain the certificate?

You get the certificate after successfully completing your assignments and other class room practicals.

Why the name is Freelancers Academy?

We at Freelancers Academy incorporate latest digital marketing techniques and ensure that you start earning from home, as part time income or as freelancer digital marketer. That’s why we say First Learn and then remove the “L”.

When are the classes held and what are its timings?

All sessions are held on Saturdays and Sundays between 10:00 am to 1:00pm

Do you provide any Training Material?

Yes, we do provide training material that you can access online on our dedicated web portal

What’s the difference between SEO and SEM?

Both SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing) aim at increasing the website or webpage visibility on search engines like Google and Bing. The key difference between SEO and SEM is that SEO technique helps in organic search result ranking of the websites and SEM is paid technique and makes your websites appears in the ad section of the search engines. SEM is more instant gratification and you can see results within a few hours whereas SEO takes a bit longer.

What if I miss 1 SEO class?

If you miss 1 SEO class then you can attend that particular class in the next batch. However you need to inform us before the next batch starts so that we can reserve a seat for you.

What is the difference between White hat SEO techniques and Black hat SEO techniques?

White hat SEO techniques is genuine and ethical SEO techniques to improve the ranking and visibility of the website on search engines. It is more user driven. Whereas, Black hat SEO techniques is manipulating the search engines to get SEO rankings quickly. In the long run Black hat SEO techniques can be very harmful for the website. Search Engines can penalise such websites and they can be de-indexed for such unethical practices.

Will the SEO training sessions be practicals?

SEO training session will cover all the aspects of SEO. It will be taught practically with live examples and case studies in the SEO class. 

Is SEO very technical?

 It is a myth that SEO is very technical and cannot be done by everyone. The most fundamental requirement of an SEO professional is actually not a technical one. With algorithm changes happening regularly, SEO is a whole new beast now-a-days. More than technical SEO requires an analytical mind.

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