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Best Google Analytics Training Course in Navi Mumbai

Our Freelancers Academy Google Analytics training course helps you dig in and explore ways to use Google Analytics to gain more meaningful data, analyse the data and use this data to make your website perform better.What makes us the best Google Analytics training institute in Navi Mumbai is that we believe in a two way traffic Freelancers academy. We share our wealth of knowledge through discussions carried out by one of the best Google Analytics Experts. Our Faculty are proven experts in their fields. Freelancers Academy believes in providing hands on experience on live projects.

We at Freelancers Academy are one of the best Google Analytics training institute available in Navi Mumbai. We cover all the aspects of search engine optimization. We give students access to live dashboard of clients that we work for which gives them a competitive edge over the others.

Google Analytics Course Syllabus

Introduction to Analytics

How Google Analytics works
How to set up analytics account
How to set up goals – Understanding Google Analytics
Account structure – Importance of the website analytics function & various analytic tools

Analyzing Google Analytics Reports

Analyzing and interpreting essential website data
How to Analyze and understand different marketing campaigns
Recommending Website optimization actions
How to view customize reports
Monitoring Traffic behavior
Taking corrective action if required

Google Analytics Faculty

Mithila K.

google analytics

Mohd Altaf


Kaushik M


Sudish Balan

seo marketing

Shirish D


Sujay K


Meer Irfan Ali


manan s.

digital display marketing

Samrat D


Hanisha Vaswani


Student Testimonials

This google analytics course at freelancers academy helped me a lot in my career. I was able to analyse the report for the clients the i work for.

Vishal Dave
Vishal Dave

If you want a course that explain you in depth about google analytics then freelancers academy is the place to go. Thank you freelancers academy for all the support

Priyanka Thakur
Priyanka Thakur

The course offerred at Freelancer’s Academy helped me gain a thorough understanding of Google Analytics. It also gave me the confidence to provide my clients with a complete analytics which makes further strategies easy.

Deepika Ganesh
Deepika Ganesh

What I like about this course is the fact that it was delivered by professionals actively working in the digital area and, Analytics plays a very important role in digital marketing. After completion of these course, I can easily measure behaviour of my websites.

Shreya Singhania
Shreya Singhania

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service which is available to anyone having a Google account like Gmail, Google plus profile etc. It tracks and reports various factors of the website like website traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate etc. The analytics tools are used for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes.

Your digital marketing efforts are effective only as long as you receive appropriate analytical insights from your activities online. Hence, Our Google analytics training course enables students to obtain such valuable analytical insights to evaluate all their digital marketing activities. This helps a student to decide whether his online activities are proving fruitful to him or not. Our Google Analytics course guides students to decide on factors which are eating into their money but not providing the expected result. There will be many students who would want to become Web analytics Experts of Top Digital Marketing Companies. For this, you need to understand the most important & appropriate metrics of web analytics & utilize them to improve all your digital activities. Hence, this course is the perfect solution giving you all the practical knowledge of our professional Web analytics professors who work in some of the reputed digital marketing companies in India. We explain how to get actionable insights from the traffic to your site, which you can use to improve the design of your website and optimize your traffic. You will then be in a position to identify areas that require improvement and measure the impact of changes implemented. To get more details on Google Analytics download this – PPT on Google Analytics


The training is based on years of experience and analytics projects implemented for various customers and clients in the industry.


    After completing this course,students would be able to work on projects related to analytic for the organisation they work for.


    There millions of jobs available online knowing this skill would help take up freelancing work for any client related to wordpress.


    After completion of the course you can create a good clean website for your business.

Google Analytics Opportunities in Mumbai


Today there are millions of jobs online as long as you have the inclination you too could start making money online.Freelancers Academy will show you how


Depending on your current skill levels and flair, we will put you in one of these skill buckets and help you get freelancing income. Seo & Sem / Social Media / Mobile App Development/Web Designing / Web Programming / Web Copywrititng.


We offer flexible formats of training  online and classroom supported by comprehensive courseware. Learn from home and also start earning from home ! Our faculty are leading experts in this category and will help you step up your skills.


We have the relationships to help you start getting long-term freelancing jobs from a wide range of opportunities – domestic and international. You can start earning 3-4 weeks after you enroll with us.


Freelancers Academy is not your usual training academy. What makes us the best SEO institute in Navi mumbai is that we incorporate latest digital marketing techniques and ensure that you start earning from home, as part time income or as freelancing.

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